The land of the smiles

Hello, or sawadee kah as you say in Thai,

I am now halfway through my first week at Rangsit University, and I have already experienced a small culture shock regarding the school system here in Thailand. But first, let’s start with the orientation.
As an incoming exchange student the International Office of Rangsit Uni had organised a two day orientation for me and the other international students. It started on friday morning with speeches from the staff, amog them the Dean of Rangsit and different professors within the International deprtment. It then moved on to some general information about Thailand and the Thai culture, and lastley a campus tour. It was a day with lot’s of new information. We are a group of maybe 30-40 international students, with a good portion being Finnish, Dutch and Asian. Saturday was day two of orientation, which focused mostly on the Thai culture, with our Thai buddies presenting all kinds of information. We also got to try some Thai snacks from different regions, Thai dance, simple language lesson, as well as learning how to fold a lotus flower. It was a day of good fun and met a lot of people that will probabl be the people I’ll hang out with.

Going back to the bit of the culture shock, this is what happened, firtstly, a school uniform needs to be worn in classes! For me as a girl, a black skirt, white shortsleeved button up with the Rangsit University symbol brooch on the left side needs to be worn, very interesting as I have never worn a school uniform before. Secondly, I had my first class on monday morning, but after waiting for almost an hour without the teacher showing up, we left. Same thing happened for my tuesday afternoon class as well. And apperently when talking to the fulltime thai students, this happens a lot without any notifications from the teacher. Finally today I had my first class where the teacher actually showed up, however, there was also some drama around this class, on my schedual it said room 805, but turned out to be in 407. So when arriving to the right class room, my first class at Rangsit officially started. The class was Thai Language for Beginners. We started off very easily with just going through the phonetics of the consonants used in Thai, as well as telling our names and nationallity to the teacher and next week we are to be given Thai names by our teacher.

On other notes, I have now been in Thailand for two weeks and am still not used to the heat here, the temperature lies around 32-35 degrees with a humidity of around 70-80%, and this is only the “cold season” here, in april and may the temperatures can lie around 40 degrees celcius! I am not looking foward to that to be honest.. at least I have a working AC in my flat and the uni buildings too. Something I really like about Thailand so far is how cheap it is here, a full dinner with a soft drink costs around 25 kronor, even cheaper around campus, which is insanely cheap! So not having a kitchen in my flat is quite alright as i can afford to eat all my meals out. Even the taxis here are cheap, to go the the airport that about a 20 minute drive away costs around 18-20 kronor, that’s a good thing with the public transportation not being the best out here in the suburb Pathum Thani. I have come to realise why Thailand have been refered to as “the land of smiles” everyone truly do smile, even though their knowladge in English is lacking they make up for it in politeness and smiles. They will always try to help you if you asked them something.

That’s it for this time, next time I’ll post some pictures as well! Have a nice day!

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