Jeju Calling


I´ve haven´t been blogging for a while. I was busy revising for the midterms. Autumn has arrived in Seoul and it is beautiful. There´s a lot going on in Seoul in this season. Last weekend a group of friends and I visited Jeju island. I´ll tell you all about this amazing trip.

Jeju is a Korean island, around 1 hour by flight from Seoul. It is rather small and very popular amongst Koreans,Japanese and Chinese tourists. In summer the beaches are crowded with tourists. We went off season, so we basically had the island for ourselves.

We arrived in the evening and took the bus to our guesthouse in Seogwipo.

Day 1

On our first day we hiked up Korea´s highest mountain, Hallasan (1950 m). Weather was great, not too hot or cold. We had to hurry up as we had to reach the base by 12:30. We walked really fast and arrived one hour before the deadline. Hiking was fun and relaxing, as not as many people were there. It was less exhausting as Bukhasan, as less steep. To get to the peak it is around 9 km. It was cloudy when we were at the the top, but the atmosphere was great. We were above the clouds. When we walked down it was foggy, it was rather spooky: perfect for Halloween ;). We were tired after all that walking. In the evening we went to a sushi buffet, super yummy and visited the market.

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Day 2

Next day: more walkin. The weather was amazing: sunny and warm. We walked along the Olle trail. The trail took us along the coast and to some waterfalls. It was really nice and easy to walk. The view was very impressive. We had a jeju specialty for lunch: Jeju black pork barbeque. It was very good and gave us strength to keep on walking along the 13km trail. Jeju is all about the nature, so walking/hiking is a perfect way to see the natural beauty of the island. In the evening we went to the market. The market offered cheap and tasty fruits and other food. Jeju is famous for its Tandarines, you can see them grow everywhere.

In the evening we went to see the Korean punk band Crazy Nuts at the Jeju Music Festival. We found out about it just a few hours before the concert. It was very interesting and free, even if punk music is not my favorite.

Day 3

We got up really early! We took a taxi to Sunrise Peak in order to watch the sunrise (as the name implies). Unfortunately it was cloudy so the sunrise was not that visible. The atmosphere was great anyway. As we had started our day so early, we had a lot of time. We took the ferry to Udo, a tiny island 3.5km away from Seongsan-ri. We rented bikes and bilked around the whole island. The bike way is 15.9 km long and very nice. I´d advice everyone to either tour the island by bike or borrow a scouter, way quicker and more fun than walking. Udo is very beautiful, has amazing beaches and cool lava cliffs. In summer it is super crowded, when we were there there was hardly anybody. We had lunch and then drove back to our hostel, as it started ti rain and we were really exhausted.

We took a nap and then went for some dinner. We had a really nice last dinner in Jeju.

Overall, Jeju was amazing. It is very different compared to mainland Korea. Jeju has palmtrees. Jeju is interesting for people that enjoy nature and being active. You can also only go for a beach holiday, but Hallasan is something you should absolutely NOT miss. I don´t think that I´ve been this sporty on a trip, It was a great experience and the group was simply amazing. I had such a good time. Jeju is an absolute highlight!


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