Korea vs Yonsei


Last weekend we had  the annual match between Korea University and Yonsei University. After practicing cheering we could finally use all the things we learned.

First Day

The first match was held at the Olympic Park. Really impressive! The tournament started with baseball. It was my first baseball match and I fortunately had a friend explaining the rules to me (confusing stuff). We cheered through the hole match and even the break. There were dancers that danced all the time, the true heroes of the tournament if you ask me! They danced for the whole day, non-stop! Impressive! We won at Baseball. KU won the last years, so Yonsei students didn’t really bother to show up. KU fans were going crazy, outnumbering and out screaming Yonsei completely! The atmosphere was fantastic, even if the game was rather boring (I guess Baseball was neither the strength of both teams).

After Baseball we tried to get into the Basketball stadium. No chance! Public viewing was a disappointment, as the screen was way too small. Most people left. Only those who had tickets watched Basketball and Ice Hockey. I would have loved to watch the two matches. Korea won Basketball and Yonsei Ice Hockey.

At the end of the first day KU was leading with 2:1

We were all super tired and exhausted after all that jumping. We all had so many bruises everywhere. Most of us went to bed rather early, some went out to Party. Cheering in the burning sun for the whole day is an experience!!

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Second day

We had to get up early on the second day of the match. They were expecting the stadium to be packed, as no one had classes at uni. I was one of the first people at the stadium. We waited for 4 (!!!) hours to get in. We were one of the last. Patience is not my strength, I was in a very bad mood. They told us to come as early as possible and then we realized it didn’t matter anyway! ARRGGG.

We started of with rugby. We lost. Cheering was still fun. It doesn’t really matter what´s happening on the field, we cheer anyway. Weird concept.

Next was football. I love football, therefore I had high expectations of the match. Well, let´s say both teams tried. Most “westerners” actively followed the game, the koreans were to preoccupied with cheering. Atmosphere was great. Yonsei was really in a better shape. We screamed and cheered as loud as we could. At the end it was 1:1 and the game just shopped. ???? What, 1:1, so no winner? We complained and were confused (westerners again). Well, apparently, the games were over and we tied with Yonsei. Maybe for the better, Afterwards we all dance together, there were no fights and everybody was happy. I was slightly sad that we had not managed to shot the winning goal.

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Anam was basically a party street. Bars and restaurants hung up KU posters. There was a stage, playing all the cheering songs (like we hadn’t cheered enough already). There was free beer and snacks. It is a tradition that the alumni pay for food and drinks at the bars. You basically bar-hop all the time, cheer and scream. There was so much going on. Somehow, group 2 did not do anything special. We had the usual dinner and soju and then headed for a bar. I was disappointed, I wanted to be where the people were. I wanted to dance on the street and get free stuff, not having to sit in a stupid bar where nothing was free. I left and walked along the street enjoying the view of seeing old and young people dancing and partying together. The other groups mingled with the locals and have a crazy night. Some of my friends were basically forced to drink 😉

Unfortunately I missed that, but just seeing old people completely drunk and dancing all night long was worth it.I had to get up early anyway to go to Everland, a theme park close to Seoul.

Cheering was an amazing experience. I basically have no voice and more bruises that I can count. I have never experienced something like this. Maybe the World Cup Final in when we won against Argentina, people went completely nuts is comparable! In 10 years, I´ll try to go again and claim that I´m an “alumni” too, so that I can experience the atmosphere once again 😉

I´ve been in Korea for a month now and I’m enjoying every second of it!


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