First days in Hiroshima


Johanna and I have arrived at the INU Summer program in Hiroshima, Japan. We started the Nursing workshop on the 3th of August. At workshop we are students from Sweden, Usa, Australia, Spain, South Africa, Indonesia and Japan. We are divided into groups working with disaster management. Each group is assigned to either work with the disaster of an earthquake, explosion or pandemic. In the beginning we started discussing, communicating and planning a disaster management plan for preparedness and we now started to work on the management plan during the first 24h after the disaster strikes.

During this week we have been visiting beautiful places around Hiroshima and the hosting university Hiroshima University have done an amazing job showing us around.
On the 6th of August we attended the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony, it was really a pleasure and a honor that together remember that it was 70 years ago the A-bomb was detonated over Hiroshima and to acknowledge the importance of a continued struggle towards peace and a world without nuclear weapons.

Together with the Environmental group we went to a sake factory. To learn the process of Sake making and to have a taste.

Today we visited the Peace memorial museum together with all students in the INU Summer program. The museum exhibition was very emotional and a very humbling experience. We also had lectures with survivors that have been telling us their life stories and struggles.
There has been a packed schedule all week but we have made some time to enjoy a ourselves by our own. We have fabulous help from our friend Hero that have been showing us around, been our translator and helped us be a part of the lantern festival.

We are looking forward to the rest of the week because we have a lot of things left to explore. Hopefully will we also learn a little bit more Japanese!!

Puss och Kram

Johanna & Victoria

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