A tour around Sussex

This weekend I left my gorgeous new hometown for this first time since arriving in Brighton almost four weeks ago (what the hell is it with time running twice as fast when you are abroad?!) to explore the equally gorgeous countryside around it. Brighton is nestled comfortably on the English Southern coast and is surrounded by beautiful natural sights, as well as incredibly british little towns. My uni itself lays in an “Area of outstanding Natural Beauty” and I can now wholeheartedly confirm this label.
Our first stop was the Seven Sisters Country Park. The seven sisters are seven absolutely gorgeous chalk cliffs, that make you almost jump out of your pants for how british they are. The whole park covers 280 hectars and is perfect for long walks or horseback-riding. Next to obvious natural beauty with meandering rivers and steep cliffs, they are also very exciting smuggler stories about the area and the very picturesque light house at the Beach Head for even more amazing photos and breathtaking views.
We then headed on to Eastbourne, a little coastal town which is so much more quite than quirky Brighton and supposed to be it´s posh sister. It also has a very pretty Pier and a nice Seafront walk, but I would definitely recommend coming back here during spring or summer, when the flower beds along the promenade are supposed to be absolutely gorgeous. But even in Winter the amazing architecture and the calmness of Eastbourne were lovely and having lunch in a traditional pub before buying Clotted Cream Fugde is a way to spend an afternoon just to my liking.

Obviously a trip across England would not be complete without seeing an old castle and having Cream Tea, which is why we headed to Pevensey Castle afterwards before enjoying the most delicious scones in the teeny tiny village Alfriston (Population 600).
The castle was build at sometime in the 4th century and while time has taken it´s toll on it, it is still a very nice sight. Paying entrance to me is not necessary as you can see most of it perfectly through the gate and save the money for more tea and scones later. Which is exactly what we did by finishing off our trip with delicious Cream Tea (Early Grey, scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam and simply the best thing ever) in a tiny tea shop in Alfriston.
I absolutely loved exploring more of my sorroundings and can´t wait for more trips across England once it gets a little warmer.

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