Successful week!

I had to hand in my first essay last monday, and so I had to spend the entire sunday before at the beautiful and very cozy QMU Library. I’ll be sure to start earlier next time, no more last minute stress :s


I had a meeting at Active East Lothian on tuesday to discuss volunteer work. As of next monday, and every monday after that right before football practice, I will help coach football for children. Can’t wait! 😀 I will also get to design flyers/brochures for them.

I wished 2 friend’s a happy birthday at midnight on tuesday/wed. So many birthdays! 🙂 and we had a party wednesday night (no photos of that unfortunately, I wore a dress).

Petar turns 20

We played our first football match of the league on friday night, we beat Edinburgh University (8-2). I love my team! Celebrations were done over pool at Maggie’s.
We’ll be playing (and hopefully winning) every friday.




I’ve been increasing my weights at the gym since I’ve gone weaker after summer, but so far so good. I can now do 50kilo deadlifts. Yay! I also have MORE workout buddies 😀


Ana <3

I’m still sick. And I’m trying to detox again so I can look good in my Halloween costume and also win a bet (abs by the end of october). We’ll see how that goes. 🙂

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