U of G – Weeks 3-5

Did you know…

That if you order a coffee at Tim Hortons, and ask for a “double-double” you will get a coffee with double sugar and double cream (you can substitute the cream with milk).

Dear reader,

My apologies for the very late post. The reason for my lateness is, simply put, homework. A lot of it. I will make it up to you not with excuses, not too many, but with my adventures these past few weeks since my last blog post.


While I’m usually quite talented in keeping up with homework and finishing it on time, here at the University of Guelph the situation is a bit different. I started out here with 4 courses. I ended up dropping and couple and registered to three. Although I managed to keep up the first couple of weeks before I dropped two of my courses, I somehow managed to fall behind, severely, as soon as I registered to the tree new ones. Obviously the three courses were two weeks ahead, and I had a lot of catching up to do. IMG_1753

Catching up is easy if you lock yourself inside your room for the weekend. However, I didn’t have the heart to do so. You see, I wanted to experience Guelph and its hidden beauties. The arrival of autumn is an excellent example for this: imagine being inside, doing homework, as the leaves change colour from green to red, and then from orange to yellow. I couldn’t miss that! Therefore, my dear reader, I admit to have spent a significant amount of time outside exploring the “city” with my fellow exchange students, instead of staying home catching up.

I did, however, observe how the student of U of G managed their timIMG_2278e. These people, or some of them, spent most of their time studying. This did this either while eating, chatting with friends, at the library, at the UC until 11 in the evening, or walking home etc. Non-stop studying is certainly not my cup of tea, no matter how much I love the subject.

Let us conclude this boring subject by me sharing this sweet experience I had the pleasure of living through the past couple of weeks. As I have already made clear I was behind on homework, lectures, and notes as soon as I registered for the three courses. I spoke to one of my teachers, and she told me, with all the serenity and kindness in the world, I should write an email to my classmates; asking them to share their notes. My first thought was “No way anyone’s going to share their notes with me.” However, after debating it mentally for a while I wrote a proper email explaining the issue, and asked the 400+ students (from across all 3 courses) to share their notes with me.

I ended up receiving over 15+ emails with kind responses and notes attached.


A quick note on this subject: although we Europeans hear all sorts of mouth-watering things about NA sweets, cakes, and pastries; the actual thing is not that mouth-watering. I rather found it teeth-aching. Sugar and artificial flavouring dominate aIMG_1807 large portion of Canadian sweets. Personally I have always wanted to taste candy corn. The result: Never, ever, putting that in my mouth again. It was not sweet. It did not feel like you were eating sugar. It felt like you were boring into your teeth with a tiny screwdriver. Pardon the mental picture. That is not to say that all sweets are the     same. However, a very large portion of them are quite bad for you. Very bad.


My friends asked me about whether I was going to attend the homecoming or not. First thought: “Where do I find a dress for such an occasion? And why are we having a dance/ball/prom so early??” The homecoming turned out to be an exciting, well-planned, highly social, and brutal game of university American football. I blame my ignorance on American TV shows.



Lady Diala

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