Family Day

Today is not just any day in Ottawa, it is Family Day. We have asked a recent acquaintance, Anthony André Curkeet- Green to tell us more about Family Day.

Here we go:
It is February 17th and Ottawa, the quaint capital of Canada, bears an almost rustic air this day. Today is Family Day. Residents may spend quality time with friends and family – or simply indulge in personal activities outside the realms of work or school.

Family Day originated firstly in the province of Alberta during 1990 as a family holiday. The provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan currently celebrate it. British Columbia was the last to adopt the holiday in the year 2013. Family day goes by a different name in Manitoba, Louis Riel Day, after the Métis leader & founder of the province. As of 2009, Prince Edward Island (PEI) introduced Islander Day instead of Family Day. Family Day and all its variants are celebrated during February, though not always on the 17th and the day differs between provinces.

Family Day is not held officially at the Federal level. Although, civil service workers may request the day off as per its recent significance around Family & Canadian values. Public transport is reduced in schedule, students may spend their day with a much needed rest, and many local businesses are closed. Today is meant to be taken slowly and leisure embraced. 

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