Mud, Batik, and 10 hours on a bus

We move on to the 5th day of the conference. The days are a blend of study visits, lectures and cultural activities and in-between them, the all-more engaging coffee breaks where the discussions as well as the different snacks
get more and more interesting (to be honest, half the time I have no idea what I’m eating)
Yesterday was spent on an excursion where we visited to local city dumpster (my sneakers R.I.P), a water reservoir (much to the entertainment to the local fisherman living on small huts floating in it) and a new building project of avself sustained community with environmental ambitions. This delegation all agreed on that the latter felt a lot like a frightening dystopia of gated communities not too far away from last year’s sci-fi flick Elysium but at the same time that it becomes a complex question seen to how the environmental work (or lack thereof) is done on a grander level.
In the evening we got to try the local craft of batik as wells as playing Beatles on the Anklung and ended up dancing in the rain as the orchestra rocked out on their own.
Today we’re preparing ourselves for a loooooooong busride to Yogyakarta, beginning in a few hours. Wish us luck; the traffic jams here would make a reading of the national phone book seems like a joy.

/ Jon