First weeks in York, England

It’s been almost 4 weeks since I arrived to England, can’t believe how fast time has gone! Needless to say that it has been busy and I have had too much fun, as I haven’t managed to post a single blog post since then. (Well I also don’t have my laptop anymore which makes it harder). Anyways, there has been a lot going on within these 4 weeks. I guess the best idea would be to start from the beginning, but I will try to keep it short 🙂


The first week (Sept 15th-22nd) York St John University had a Welcome Week or Orientation Week as some call it. During that week I familiarized myself with the gorgeous campus, learned to know the beautiful historical city and joined for all the fun events that were organized for us. I met a lot of people and got many new friends, mostly fellow Erasmus exchange students from Germany, Spain and Sweden, but also a good amount of young British lads lol.


York as a city is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities I have ever lived in (and I have lived in quite many countries). It has the sense of history most definitely- you can’t really escape from that having walls surrounding most of the city center and towering churches echoing Britishness from every corner. It does have a younger vibe to it as well as not all the people you see on the street are tourists. I think York St John University has  a role to play in it by inviting younger people from around the world to come and be part of this well known and established university as well as of this historic city.


Ok, that sounded a bit like an article for a newspaper haha. Anyways, it is great here and I am not ashamed to acknowledge it 🙂


The International Office here also organizes trips across the country. The first trip we had was a day in Whitby. Whitby turned out to be very typical British like seaside town. Unbelievably beautiful and definitely more than I had expected. Bram Stoker even wrote his book “Dracula” there because he simply got inspired by the beauty around him, no lie. We had an amazing day strolling along the haven eating fish and chips. Even “Prince Harry” showed up 😉559800_10151930479048792_254697509_n1240666_10151930477743792_211251717_n2013-09-21 13.58.372013-09-21 14.09.41


I can’t remember much more, but there have definitely been a handful of concerts, comedy nights, parties, pub nights, sightseeings and readings (especially within the past two weeks). I have joined the drama society and basketball society that have also kept me busy.I also managed to go to Leeds last weekend to check out the famous Primark. Man, was that worth going or what! It is literally as cheap as WallMart in the States- I’m in heaven now 🙂

2013-09-28 16.32.22

I will try to get myself on a schedule now and post weekly, so until next week.



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Kadi Levo, originally from Estonia. Third year student in English Studies (BA). On my second exchange semester now in York, England (York St John University). I was in University of Western Sydney last semester and had such a great time, so I decide to spend another semester abroad. I love travelling, meeting new people and capture all this in photos as photography is my passion.

2 thoughts on “First weeks in York, England

  1. Fantastic Kadi! I really get a flashback from the past by reading your post; I used to be a student in Leeds many years ago and I often went to York during week ends. It’s absolutely wonderful! Have you been to the Yorvik Viking Centre yet? Don’t miss it! Good luck over there and keep us posted!

    Maria Nilsson
    Blog Administrator

    Ps. Please don’t forget to tag your posts and put them in a category – it makes them more easy searchable for other readers! 🙂

  2. Thank you Maria! Will definitely check out the Viking Center 🙂

    Didn’t know how to tag and categorize last week, but I found the right place now.

    Best, Kadi

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