Research Team

Mats Persson is an assistant professor in construction management. At present also Head of department at the Department of Media Technology and Product design encompassing the subjects: Media technology, Product design, Engineering science, and Mathematics/natural science at Malmö University. He has worked with developing different educations and materials for the construction industry and been involved in national and international research projects about lifelong learning for the industry. Contact

Daniel Spikol is an assistant professor in media technology at Malmö University. Spikol’s main research interests are in the design and development of mobile and ubiquitous environments that explore different modes of learning. He is interested in expanding the role of design to support understanding how people can navigate across physical and virtual spaces in active and creative ways for formal and lifelong learning. Contact

Nils Ehrenberg works as research assistant at Malmö University. Previously, he has worked in research and industrial projects as an interaction designer. Contact

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