Second publication

Tulsa Jansson, PhD-candidate, has published an article with the title “Sen’s Perfectionist “Reason to Value” in “Public Reason: Journal of Political and Moral Philosophy”, Vol. 7, No. 1-2, 2015 (

First publication

The first article from the project, Melin, Anders, Kronlid, David: “Should We Ascribe Capabilities to Animals?¬† A Critical Analysis of the Extension of Nussbaum’s Capabilities Approach”, have been published in “De Ethica” (

Conference “Ethics and Governance of Energy Technologies” in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Tulsa and Anders participated in the conference¬†“Ethics and Governance of Energy Technologies” at Eindhoven University of Technology on the 15th-16th of January. Here is the programme: Anders was one of the keynote presenters, here is the powerpoint:

Energy and Justice

This is the blogg of the research project “Energy and Justice – an Ethical Analysis of Swedish Energy Politics, based on the Capability Approach”. The project participants are Associate Professor Anders Melin, Associate Professor David Kronlid and PhD-candidate Tulsa Jansson.