Project description

The project will contribute to the scientific debate of how issues of justice can be considered in a more systematic manner in connection with the construction and evaluation of energy scenarios. The project is divided into two work packages.

The first will be conducted during 2020 and is a study of how issues of justice are recognized within contemporary Swedish energy politics, built on an analysis of policy documents and interviews with politicians and civil servants.

The second will be conducted during 2021-2022 and aims to develop methods for how issues of justice can be considered in connection with energy scenario construction through a series of focus groups at the regional and national level.

New project

This is the blog for the project “Energy scenarios and justice: the case of Sweden”, funded by the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten). Associate Professor Anders Melin is the principal investigator. The co-workers within the project are Associate Professor Gunnhildur Magnusdottir and Post Doc researcher Patrik Baard.