Yalla Trappan in Brussels

Today, Christina Merker-Siesjö, chairman of the work integrated social enterprise ‘Yalla Trappan’, will give a presentation in front of the European Parliament’s Gender Equality Committee, for a hearing on “The situation of women refugees and asylum seekers in the EU”. Yalla Trappan, together with three other initiatives from across Europe, have been chosen as successful examples of how to support the integration of immigrant women.


Yalla Trappan is a womens’ cooperative; a work integration social enterprise that employs long-term unemployed immigrant women in a café and catering service, a cleaning and conference service, and a sewing and design studio. In only six years, Yalla Trappan, located in the Rosengård district of Malmö, Sweden, have developed from a project to a self-sustaining businesses. The number of employees have increased from 8 to 29 in this period. In an interview in the local newspaper Sydsvenskan, Christina Merker-Siesjö emphasize that Yalla Trappan is not a transitory organization – It offers permanent contracts, and most women who start working here, stay on.

With the presentation in from of the EU Parliament, the method may spread to other countries. Already several delegations from different parts of Europe, as well as from other parts of Sweden, have visited Yalla Trappan. Across Europe the question arises on how to provide opportunities for the large number of people that are coming. Maybe social enterprises like Yalla Trappan can play an important role for this process.

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