Connectors Malmö prepare to set up the ‘Live-in Lab’

“We are passionate about change, new ideas, new ways of learning, exploring and giving back to the city. We believe a better world is possible and it’s our responsability to make it happen.

We want to experiment, create, learn, document, meet people doing amazing things, have a flexible schedule and have an impact in the world. We believe that social innovation is about people and sustainability is a political statement.”

Connectors Malmö are winding up the ‘Residency/Hub’ project that they have run in Persborg, Malmö: “Malmö’s crowd-sourced living room aims to break down walls between communities and power, harking back hundreds of years to a time when squares, piazzas and market places fostered community and nurtured civic debate” as The Guardian wrote. Read the project report here.

Right now they are preparing for the next phase: The ‘Live-in Lab’: “a new kind of residence for active individuals that want to use their skills to change the world. Selected applicants will live and work together with the Connectors Team and co-create solutions with the community”. Locations for Live-in Lab activities during fall, include STPLN and a location in Arlöv. Donations of rugs, furniture etc are welcome!

connectors _july


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