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Christiano Bottone: Former Creative Director of his advertising agency, discovers the Transition movement in 2008. Founding member of Monteveglio Città di Transizione, the first Transition Initiative in Italy and of Transition Italia, the national hub, of which is currently president. He lives in Monteveglio with his wife, 2 children, 2 dogs and a variable number of cats. He has made transition his job as a trainer, facilitator, activist and researcher. A big part of his work is done now with local government and in support to local transition groups in Italy, increasingly common the development of processes of transition for enterprises. He does not know yet whether the transition will save the world, but in the meantime it is very funny!

Cristiano is also appearing at the National Transition Towns conference, which takes place in Malmö on May 8-10 – he’s part of a seminar on Saturday May 9th 13:00-14:00 together with Tanja Aertebjerg, Miljöpunkt Österbro (Denmark) and Ralph Bohlke, Transition France. Location: Studiefrämjandet, Ystadsgatan 53, Malmö. (Full programme of the Transition Conference)

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