Leadership for sustainability?

Above: Participants in the Global Wellbeing Lab 2.0 at the kick-off in Berlin, February 2015

“The immense challenges we face as a global community require a fundamental shift in our thinking. This applies especially to those in positions of leadership who are called on to identify and implement effective, sustainable solutions to complex problems.” This is how the Global Leadership Academy, an initiative commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (GIZ), describes their purpose. The idea is to work with and “develop new forms of intervention and new formats for dialogue events such as ‘leadership and innovation labs”. One of these labs is the Global Wellbeing Lab, which is designed to “convene regional clusters of innovators from business, government, and civil society whose work aims to shift institutions beyond the pursuit of narrowly measured parameters of success (such as profit or growth for its own sake) to broader aims that translate into sustainable wellbeing for our societies and the environment”. The Global Wellbeing Lab is run in conjunction with the Presencing Institute (which forms part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston) and the Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan.

The seminar will be an informal event, including David Graf from the Global Leadership Academy (GIZ) and Fredrik Björk, Malmö University, participant in the Global Wellbeing Lab.

Location: Center for Public Entreprenurship, Ängelholmsgatan 1A, Malmö

Time & date: Tuesday April 7th 17:30-19:00

Organizers: Center for Public Entreprenurship; Malmö University, dept for Urban Studies; Swedish Institute, Network for Future Global leaders

Please register participation with fredrik.bjork@mah.se before April 2nd as there is a limit of 30 participants in the event.

The event is also sponsored by the European Regional Development Fund


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