Social innovation initiatives in Malmö/Lund

In the Malmö-Lund area, it is possible to find a number of interesting initiatives that could be framed as “social innovation” – and where predominantly young people are the drivers:

Tamam  – “Tamam is a politically and religiously independent non-profit organization that works with children, youth and young adults with diversity and antiracism to create new venues, organize meaningful leisure activities and encourage young people’s community involvement. Tamams motto is ‘Friendship without borders, we want to break down the barriers that stand in the way of young people from different backgrounds to have a chance to get to know each other and become friends.”

Klädoteket ( – “Klädoteket is a library for clothes. It is a light-hearted but practical response to the throwaway culture. The clothes are borrowed instead of bought and shared instead of owned. Many already have closets overflowing with second hand clothes, but continue to look for fun garments. We asked ourselves whether a desire for change and the desire to express a wearable identity must always involve environmentally and socially unsustainable consumption of clothing? The answer was Klädoteket that combines cultural and environmental aspects with a desire to democratize fashion also from an economic perspective.”


Brightful ( – “Brightful is a nonprofit organization based on a mentorship program (Brightfulprogrammet) which helps young people to believe in and strive towards their future. Our vision that all young people should have a goal with their future, and believe in their own abilities.”


WatchIt (  – “Watch it! is a project by young people and for young people, where we take young people’s influence  further. We want to act, be seen and heard in young ways. During the workshops, we highlight  issues that young people feel are important and use old and new methods to express opinions and raise our voices! Watch it! explores different techniques to create change and develop democracy. In workshops using popular education methods and interactive exercises, we discuss topics such as democracy, civil rights, political influence and social change.”

Connectors Malmö – ( – “Connectors in Malmö exists as an NGO based in Malmö, Sweden. We are independent of any political party or religious group. We run a series of different programmes to encourage citizens to engage  within the local community. We provide quality events and ongoing programmes to encourage inter-cultural understanding and tolerance, to empower social change and to inspire creativity… We also push to make Malmo a smaller, more accessible city. We strive to create connections and collaborations between  many different organizations. In doing so, we believe that Malmo can exist as an oasis of possibilities for individuals from all walks of life to grow in their aspirations and goals. Lastly, we aim to act as a resource to further the blending of the wide array of cultures represented in Malmo. We believe that the diversity found in Malmo, hand-in-hand with the spirit of social empowerment can act as a powerful positive force. We believe that Malmo can become a model to other cities around the world of a cosmopolitan, international city thriving in harmony.”

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