Missa inte TS Mingelevent

Boka torsdagen den 1 december för då är det mingelkväll för studenter och alumner från följande TS program:
• Datavetenskap och applikationsutveckling
• Informationsarkitekt
• IT och ekonomi
• Spelutveckling
• Systemutveckling
• Computer Science
Kom och ät, drick, och mingla med företag och f.d. studenter från era program. Syftet med kvällen är att inspirera och skapa kontakter. Glöm inte att sprida detta till studenterna!
Anmäl dig här: https://futurefinder.mah.se/sv/event/1765

TS Mingle Event – Don’t miss this opportunity!!
On December 1, we are hosting an evening mingle event for the following TS programs:
· Computer Science
· Datavetenskap och applikationsutveckling
· Informationsarkitekt
· IT och ekonomi, Spelutveckling
· Systemutveckling
Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet with alumni, former Malmö University students. Why? “They’ve been there and done that”, and can give some great hands on tips on how you can move forward with your career. We also have some really interesting companies joining us for the evening, and they are looking for new talent ….. YOU!
Food and drinks will be provided. Please inform your students about this!
Sign up here: https://futurefinder.mah.se/sv/event/1765.


Studie- och karriärvägledare på TS

MAH:s årliga pedagogiska konferens

Den 1-2 december går MAH:s årliga konferens FOKUS av stapeln på St Gertrud här i Malmö. Bland talarna märks bl a mottagarna av årets pedagogiska utmärkelse och TS egna Annabella Loconsole, Anton Tibblin och Farid Naisan, som ska tala om flipped classroom i datavetenskap. Spännande! Så missa för allt i världen inte detta.

Program och anmälan finns här.

tipsar Andreas

Sugen på att testa VLM-system?

Patricia Staaf och Björn Lundgren vid Centrum för akademiskt lärarskap letar nu efter piloter som vill testa system i den pågående upphandlingen av ny virtuell lärmiljö (VLM). Så här skriver de: 

Det finns nu möjlighet för ett antal  lärare, studieadministratörer och studenter att testa system som är aktuella i den pågående upphandlingen av ny lärplattform. Totalt deltar ca 15 lärosäten i testningen.  

De som deltar i testningen förväntas:

  • Delta i informationsmöte tillsammans med Systemförvaltare Björn Lundgren kl 09.00 – 10.00 21/11.
  • Delta i  webinarium med de fyra leverantörer som är aktuella i den pågående upphandlingen,  1 timme per leverantör. Schema är inte fastställt ännu och det kommer att vara  möjligt att se inspelningar av webinarierna i efterhand om man inte kan delta den aktuella tiden 21 – 22/11.
  • Testa de fyra  systemen utifrån ett antal givna uppgifter som tex skapa inloggningsuppgifter, ladda upp dokument o.d. Detta kan man göra när och var man vill. Uppskattningsvis upp till 8 timmars arbete. Medarbetarna uppmanas ta tid på sitt arbete. Perioden 21 – 30/11.  
  • Delta i ett avslutande och summerande möte inkl lunch. 30/11 11 – 13.00

AKL ersätter intresserade piloter för den nedlagda tiden, upp till 15 timmar per person. 

Är du intresserad går det bra att mejla Björn Lundgren så snart som möjligt.

förmedlar Andreas

Karriärmässa 22 november

Karriärservice anordnar en karriärmässa 22 november, som vänder sig till alla studenter på Malmö högskola inklusive alumner.

Det är en fantastisk möjlighet att träffa arbetsgivare från en mängd olika branscher. Mässan som äger rum i Niagara börjar 10.00 och slutar 13.30.

BONUS: Det kommer att finnas en fotostation där studenterna gratis, kan få sin profilbild tagen för sitt CV och sin LinkedIn profil.

Vi uppskattar väldigt mycket om ni kunde sprida detta till alla era studenter. Ni är förstås väldigt välkomna att besöka mässan.


Career Services is arranging a career fair in Niagara on November 22nd, open to all Malmö University students and alumni.

This is a fantastic opportunity to meet with perspective employers coming from a wide range of industries. Doors open at 10.00 and the fair ends at 13.30.

BONUS: We will have a photo booth where students can get a free professional photo taken to be used on their CV and/or LinkedIn profile.

We appreciate you spreading the word about this to all your students. Your attendance is of course also very welcome!

Thanks in advance
Annie & Anna

Three CS research seminars during week 46

Next week at the time of writing, we have three short research seminars  at the computer science department, in room NI:C0626, details below. One during lunchtime on Monday November 14th, and two on the afternoon of Friday November 18th. Also, let me remind you of Aleksander Fabijan’s licentiate presentation tomorrow (Friday the 11th).

  • Monday 2016-11-14 12:30Rosalia Camporeale, Modelling horizontal and vertical equity in public transport design problem
    In the transport literature, equity has been and is still used with a variety of meanings and purposes. Traditionally, equity has been considered in strategic transport planning but a very few works have been addressing on how to quantify it and on how to explicitly consider equity at transportation design level (tactical and/or operational). Inevitably, in a given area, not all groups of people/users have the same degree of accessibility to the different destinations and then to the urban functions and opportunities.My work deals with transit service as a tool for generating social inclusion benefits and it look at how to quantitatively define equitable solution from a spatial and social point of view. Hence, it has been proposed a methodology to plan and design public transport services in order to meet the needs of communities, supporting equitable accessibility. The proposed design model aims at quantitatively incorporating equity goals in Transit Network Design Problem. It has been formulated as a optimization problem with an objective function that considers the cost of users, operators and unsatisfied demand. A novel comprehensive equity indicator is also specified. Through a sensitivity analysis, it has been investigated how the costs of the system vary with respect to the achieved level of equity, finding that higher overall costs must be born if more equitable service provision has to be pursued. An application to a real case of study is then presented to highlight the usefulness and performances of the method.

    Rosalia (Lia) Camporeale is a PhD student in Transportation Engineering at Technical University of Bari, and guest PhD student at Malmö University since the beginning of July.

  • Friday 2016-11-18 13:15, José Font: Games and technology – a perspective on games research from Computer Science
    I will present some very active research fields in the Computational Intelligence and Games Studies communities, and point out some trends in procedural content generation and the boundaries between computer games and tabletop games. I will present some interesting and illustrative works in these fields in no more than 30 mins, leaving the following 30 mins for an open discussion.

    A bit about José: I combine research on Artificial Intelligence with Computational Intelligence in Games, exploring the ways in which AI can be a productive and creative tool during the video game development process. AI can nowadays improve the gaming experience, producing playable content and components for games on the fly, and it is getting closer to producing complete games from scratch.

  • Friday 2016-11-18 14:15, Rahel Bekele Teklegiorgis, Learning Oriented Participatory Approach in design of systems and application software: A case study for maternal and child health care practices in Ethiopia

    This talk will be about the series of activities undertaken to design context sensitive IT enabled health care information services and solutions that would address the challenges of maternal and child health care in resource limited settings. It makes a summary of the work done in respect of designing a collaborative action oriented research approach that would address the real needs of the rural community specifically mothers and children. Based on findings from discussions and consultation with various stakeholders, it presents the planned activities to be undertaken in the design and development of appropriate content and software solutions as well as in fostering collaborative learning and research works.
    Dr. Rahel Bekele is currently an associate professor at the School of Information Science, College of Natural Sciences. She obtained her PhD in Computer Science from the University of Hamburg, Germany in 2005. She completed her Master of Science Degree in Information Science from AAU in 1992. She obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Statistics from AAU in 1988. Dr. Rahel has also served in various key management positions within AAU. February 2010 to May 2012 she was the Dean of the School of Information Science. From January to June 2011 She was the Director of the ICT development Office at Addis Ababa University. From April 2006 to Feb. 2008 and July 1998 to Dec 2001, she served as Chair of the Department of Information Science
    Her area of research includes technology solutions particularly mobile applications for rural health intervention, software usability, knowledge management and eLearning systems. She is currently the principal investigator and leader of a research project entitled “Technology Enabled Maternal and Child Health Care (TEMACC-Ethiopia)”.

Programdag för programmet IT och ekonomi


Tisdagen den 8:e november är det första gången det anordnas en programdag för IT och ekonomi på våning 5 (atriet) i Niagara.

Studenter som läser på programmet, lärare, och företagsrepresentanter är inbjudna. Målet är att ge studenterna möjligheten att lära känna varandra över årskurserna och mingla med företagsrepresentanter och lärare.


13.15 Annabella Loconsole ”Välkomna”
13.30 Sebastian Ekstam, Drivhuset,
”Entreprenörskap och Innovation, ett möjligt framtidsval?”

14:30 fika

15.00 Aleksander Halen, KPMG,
”Från Ekonomi & IT på Mah till IT-revision på KPMG”

15.20 William Jöneros,
”Strategiskt arbete på SUS ur ett verksamhetsperspektiv”

15.40 fika

16.00 Röster från alumner, Ken Engström m fl.
16.15 Annabella Loconsole, avslutande ord

Annabella Loconsole

Students peer assessment

Welcome to lunch seminar with Lars Bendix!

When: Wednesday November 16
Time: 12:15-13:00 PM
Where: NIC0626

Student peer assessment is a process in which students assess other students’ work and give feedback. One idea behind this is that some students will learn by teaching and others will learn from getting more feedback. How can we practically use peer assessment to enhance learning?

About Lars:
Lars Bendix is professor in Computer Science at Lund University since 2001. Before that he has worked in Denmark, Germany and Italy. He holds a PhD in Configuration Management and has more than 25 years of experience with research in and teaching of Configuration Management and more than 15 years of experience with Agile methods.

Before coming to Lund, he spent 7 years at Aalborg University where the students (and a pedagogical course) made sure that he finally thoroughly understood the special pedagogical model they use there – which is centred around group work and problem-based learning.
He considers himself a professional teacher, so he has a continuous interest in how he can equip himself with the best possible ”teaching tools” so his students can learn as much as possible with as little effort as possible (also from the teacher 😉

Everyone is welcome!
You can of course bring your lunch!

/Annabella Loconsole

Lic presentation November 11 by Aleksander Fabijan, Computer Science, TS

Dear all

Aleksander Fabijan, PhD student in Computer Science, will present his licentiate thesis November 11, 2016, 13.15, in room B0E07, Niagara.

The title of the thesis is “Developing the Right Features: The Role and Impact of Customer and Product Data in Software Product Development”. You find more details and the thesis for download here: https://dspace.mah.se/handle/2043/21268

The discussion leader will be Professor Kurt Schneider, Leibniz Universität Hannover. Professor Paul Davidsson is the examiner and Helena Holmström Olsson is the principal supervisor

All interested are welcome to attend this presentation!


TS-lärare bland de nominerade till årets pedagogiska utmärkelse

Det är med stor glädje en kan konstatera att hela 8 av de totalt 22 nomineringarna till årets pedagogiska utmärkelse innehas av lärare vid vår eminenta fakultet. Vilka de nominerade lärarna är kan en läsa om här.

Nu är det ju inte förrän imorgon på själva högtiden som det står klart vilken eller vilka som får utmärkelsen, men oavsett hur det än går där så tycker jag att TS lärare i allmänhet och de nominerade i synnerhet bör sträcka extra mycket på sig. Ni gör skillnad för våra studenter och jag är mycket glad och stolt över att ha er i vår verksamhet. Så tack och keep it up! 🙂

hälsar Andreas


Seminar: Thomas Pederson on affecting human behaviour through unconscious persuasion

On Friday October 21, at 13:15, our fairly new senior lecturer in computer science Thomas Pederson will give a seminar in NI:C0626 with the following theme:
Affecting human behaviour through unconscious persuasion — something for future interactive systems?
“I will give some pointers to recent research on “peripheral interacton” and discuss the potential implications for design of future IoT systems. I will try to have defined a specific research question in the area which we can center the discussion around. The idea is to leave 30 mins to the intro to the topic and to have an open discussion under the following 30 mins.”
A bit about Thomas:
“I explore the development of mobile and wearable systems that seamlessly blend with and support ongoing real-world tasks (c.f. Marc Weiser’s vision of calm computing) and give rise to what we refer to as an egocentric interaction paradigm. I believe that human perception, cognition, and action capabilities are defining factors for future wearable systems that talk to us in increasingly subtle ways through our peripheral attention.”
Visitors are welcome.

Bo Peterson blir enhetschef för Medieteknik.

Medieteknik har varit utan studierektor en lång tid. Därför har man beslutat att tillsätta enhetschefen för Medieteknik redan nu, inför fakultetens omorganisation från årsskiftet.
– Det känns spännande och roligt att ha fått förtroendet som enhetschef. Medieteknik är ett brett och svårdefinierat ämne, både vad det gäller forskning och undervisning, vilket också speglar sig i att alla medarbetare har väldigt olika bakgrund. Min ambition är att vi blir en sammanhållen grupp där våra olika kompetenser kompletterar varandra, säger Bo Peterson.

The European Workshop on Computational Geometry, EuroCG17

Malmö University
April 5-7

The European Workshop on Computational Geometry is an annual, informal workshop whose goal is to provide a forum for scientists to meet, present their work, interact, and establish collaborations, in order to promote research in the field of Computational Geometry, within Europe and beyond.

The workshop aims at providing an informal atmosphere through which both established and young researchers will have a productive exchange of ideas and collaboration.
Read more

Bengt J. Nilsson
Professor of Computer Science


ICSA is the premier venue for practitioners and researchers interested in software architecture, in component-based software engineering and in quality aspects of software and how these relate to the design of software architectures. ICSA keeps the characteristic of a WICSA as a working conference, where researchers meet practitioners and software architects can explain the problems they face in their day-to-day work and try to influence the future of the field.

Date: 5-7 April 2017
Place: Gothenburg

More information about the conference at:

Romina Spalazzese, PhD
Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Social Innovation Summit: fribiljetter för medarbetare och inbjudan till studenter

Snart är det dags för den andra upplagan av Social Innovation Summit, en konferens för alla som är intresserade av social innovation och samhällsentreprenörskap. Under två dagar möts deltagare över sektorsgränserna för att tillsammans utforska, forma och främja social innovation. Malmö högskola erbjuder 20 fribiljetter för intresserade medarbetare och flera föreläsningar är öppna för studenter i sällskap med sin lärare.
Läs mer i medarbetarnyheten


Nu är det äntligen dax för årets TS-fika. Det är som ni alla säkert vet den 21 september kl 15-17 på plan 5, Niagara.
Vi är glada att vi i år har en grupp fantastiska studenter som kommer att presentera sina utbildningar på ett spännande sätt. Stort tack också till de lärare och programledare som hjälper till under denna process. Studenterna är väldigt taggade, så det känns jättekul! Nytt för i år är att eventet inleds med tal av vår prodekan, Andreas.
Vi hoppas att ni alla visar ert intresse och engagemang för studenternas gemensamma fika!

Glöm inte att påminna studenter att komma!

Varmt välkomna
Dorota & Filippa

Påminnelse: årets viktigaste och finaste utmärkelse

Den 19 september är det deadline för nomineringar till årets pedagogiska utmärkelse vid Malmö högskola. Så, ta chansen och nominera kollegor eller uppmuntra studenter att nominera lärare till denna den finaste och viktigaste utmärkelsen på hela vårt lärosäte. 🙂

Nominera här.

Läs mer om utmärkelsen här.

påminner Andreas


Seminar on operations research by Rubén A. Proaño: Scheduling of doctors in training

On Friday September 30, 13.15–14–15, Dr. Rubén A. Proaño, visiting from Rochester Institute of Technology will give a seminar in NI:C0802. Abstract and bio follow.

Scheduling of doctors in training: An Operations Research implementation to ensure fairness and facilitate continuity of care

Completing a residency program is a requirement for medical students prior to practice medicine independently. Residency programs in internal medicine must undergo a series of supervised rotations in elective, inpatient, and ambulatory units. Typically a team of chief residents is charged to develop a yearly rotational schedule. This process is complex as it needs to consider academic, managerial, regulatory, and legal restrictions while also facilitating the provision of patient care, ensuring a diverse educational experience, balancing workload, and improving resident satisfaction. Simple formulations for residence scheduling problems have been proved to be NP-complete. This study presents  (1) a multi-stage multi-objective optimization approach for generating year-long resident rotation schedules; and (2) the use of AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) to compare schedules across multiple criteria to design and select those that are more equitable, easier to adopt, and to implement. Furthermore, the presentation will discuss the opportunity of integrating the proposed optimization-based system as part of an IoT solution capable of generating dynamic schedules that can respond to patient demand uncertainties, and to information that becomes increasingly richer and more reliable as the academic year evolves.

Bio: Dr. Rubén A. Proaño

Dr. Proaño is an Associate Professor in Industrial Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology. He received a Ph.D. and a M.S. degrees in Industrial Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He also holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Universidad San Francisco de Quito, and is United World Colleges (UWC) alumnus. Dr. Proaño’s research focuses on the application of optimization models to the solution of problems affecting healthcare delivery, and the supply of pediatric vaccines. Dr. Proaño enjoys teaching and interacting with students and actively introduces students to healthcare systems engineering problems. Dr. Proaño believes in the benefits of a multicultural education and he is convinced that Operations Research, ”The Science of Better” provides the tools to engineer decision-making and has an important role to play in international development.  Dr. Proaño’s work on vaccine supply is currently funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He is a member of INFORMS, the board of directors of the Health Systems  Engineering Alliance, and serves as one of the directors of the Operations Research Division Board of the Institute of Industrial Engineering.

EU Data Protection Policy in the Digital Environment

What will we mean by privacy in the future?
Medea Talks with Marju Lauristin, Member of the European Parliament and professor emerita at Tartu University. In this talk, Marju Lauristin will open the philosophical underpinnings of the EU data protection regulation. What is “private” data? And how do you balance individual data protection with public and commercial interests?
Marju Lauristin is a member of EU’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE). She has also been a so-called shadow rapporteur to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In 1990, she was the deputy speaker of the Estonian parliament and between 1992–1994 the first Minister of Social Affairs. She has since 1998 been a member of various European political organizations and is currently Vice-Chair of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament. Lauristin is professor emerita in social communication at Tartu University, Estonia.
The Q&A will be moderated by Andreas Jacobsson, docent in computer science at Malmö University.

September 23, at 14:00 – 16:00
Hörsal B1, Niagara

Free of charge, but please sign up!
More info: http://medea.mah.se/event/medea-talks-marju-lauristin/

EU Data Protection Policy in the Digital Environment | Medea Talks