Weekly video update with the Dean

TS faculty board met earlier this week and informed themselves of issues concerning for example the suggested new policy about how to become a docent, statistics about admission and number of applicants, evaluation of the engineer degree in computer science and mobile it, and discussion about the delegation of authority, the roles and mandates. 

In the coming weeks, the candidates for the position as Professor in Materials Science hold their trial lectures with a presentation of their academic background and envisaged development of research activities in the field of Materials Science at Malmö University.
See the details below. You are all very welcome to attend!

Wednesday, 18 September at 09-10 OR:E439 – Stefano Agnoli (on Skype)

Thursday, 19 September at 09-10 NI:B0E15 – Isabella Gallino

Friday, 20 September at 09-10 NI:A0406 – Maths Karlsson

Friday, 20 September at 13.15-14.15 NI:A0606 –  Samir Lounis

Tuesday, 24 September at 09-10  NI:B0E07 – Denis Music  

Wednesday, 25 September at 09-10 NI:A0306 – Mikhail Zheludkevich

Malmö University Library has been nominated for the prestigious prize of Swedish Library of the Year. Use your chance to vote for Library of the Year here https://dik.se/aretsbibliotek/ And do visit and make use of the university library!

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