Weekly video update with the Dean

Welcome to new senior lecturer in human computer interaction, Susanne Frennert, and new senior lecturer in physics, Hampus Nilsson!

On 18th September 13-15 in Niagara the annual TS-fika-mingle with students, staff and visiting companies will be held. For more information see https://mau.se/kalender/valkomna-pa-fakultetsminglet-ts-fika/

During the week 14-18th October Malmö University arranges the Annual Academic Celebration. The week ends with the Annual Academic Ceremony where Helena Holmström Olsson will be installed as a professor. She will give her installation lecture during Wednesday 16th October. For more information and sign up, see https://mau.se/en/about-us/Akademisk-hogtidsvecka-2019/ (svenska: ://mau.se/om-oss/akademisk-hogtidsvecka/ )

Women in technology- what is the problem? is a talk given at Storm on 19 September. Staff from TS will be in the panel and you are urged to participate. Sign up and more information here https://storm.mah.se/2019/kvinnor-inom-teknik-vad-ar-problemet/ .

Today at 15.00 there will be farewell cake for Rolf Axelsson at DVMT who will soon retire.

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