Friday: Bio-inspired cognitive architecture and “Julskyltning”

AI-research and a Yule time research exhibition, here are a couple of interesting events happening on Campus this Friday afternoon.

Seminar on bio-inspired cognitive architecture

Magnus Johnsson, Senior Lecturer in computer science at the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology, is holding a seminar to talk about his ongoing research.

When and where:
Friday November 30 at 13:30-14:14 in Niagara room NIC0626

Seminar abstract:
Magnus Johnsson will give an introduction to himself and his wide research interests with a particular focus on the development of more general artificial cognitive architectures. Magnus’ approach is partly inspired by nature, which means that he seeks to model cognition/brains or parts of brains at a system level. His ultimate goal by doing this is to get as close as possible to realise AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), while along the way come up with new applicable algorithms/methods and simultaneously understand more about biological brains and natural cognition. More on Magnus Johnsson’s research.

Research presentations at Storm’s “Julskyltning”

From 14:00-17:00, the innovation hub Storm is having a festive holiday theme showcase of Malmö University research. All are welcome to celebrate the end of our first year as Malmö University with some glögg and pepparkakor while listening to presentations by recent PhD graduates and other surprises.

One of the research presenters is TS’ own Aleksander Fabijan. He will join us via link from Seattle, where he now works at Microsoft. Also on the program:

  • Best of Social Innovation Summit
  • Liv Kroona, PhD in odontology: On oral contact allergy to mint flavour in toothpaste
  • Student innovation: How Malmö University should work to become more sustainable
  • Nosewise Lab: Exercise your sense of smell and learn how to identify 54 types of wine aroma with scent researchers
  • Showcase of all the 2018 doctoral graduates in our display window
  • Gingerbread house-building

When and where:
Friday November 30 at 14:00-17:00 in Storm, Gäddan 

Link to Facebook event page

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