Research seminar at DVMT, May 19: Carl Johan Orre: Exploring concepts of interactive self care

Tomorrow, Friday May 19, 13:30–14:15 in NI:C0626, Carl Johan Orre introduces us to some of his research. Title: Exploring concepts of interactive self care.

Description: In my research I explore different concepts of interactive self-care with the purpose to understand IT as a digital resource while developing new approaches and programs for rehabilitation. Although medical care has been digitized for a long time, it is clear that the digitalization of healthcare now enters a new phase that in new ways more transformative ways challenges roles and practices. A development which broadly follows the digitization we see happening in many parts of the community right now. Today we can renew prescriptions and order a medical certificate. We also given access to our medical journal via the web and we can get a medical consultation via our mobile or computer with short waiting time, services that actually is a challenge to established care practices. Another of challenges care providers currently face is our everyday use of personal technologies. The use of an app to log exercise, eating and sleeping habits is becoming more common and play an important motivating role in activities having a lot to do with health. But how can these technologies be combined with existing digital resources as part of new approaches and programs for rehabilitation, to support people who daily live with chronic diseases?

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