This Friday: Research/guest seminars at Computer Science and Media Technology

This Friday afternoon, April 28, the department of computer science and media technologies will host the following seminars in NI:B0501:

  • 13:30: Daniel Spikol, Malmö University:  “PELARS Project: Exploring Multimodal Learning Analytics in the Wild”Multimodal learning analytics provides researchers new tools and techniques to capture different types of data from complex learning activities in dynamic learning environments. My talk presents some of the results of the PELARS project that investigated high-fidelity synchronised multimodal recordings of small groups of learners interacting from diverse sensors that included computer vision, user generated content, and data from the learning objects. The data was processed, and we extracted different aspects of the students’ interactions to investigate the following questions: which features of student group work are good predictors of team success in open-ended tasks with physical computing? We additionally, examined collaborative patterns in the group behaviour of the students. The results provide ways to automatically identify the students and groups at risk during the learning activities and provides means for different types of interventions to support and scaffold the student learning. More information at and publications at
  • 14:15: Aneta Poniszewska-Marańda, Lodz University of Technology: “Education and research at Lodz University of Technology”This will be a general presentation about my university and my institute/department in aspect of education and research.

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