Seminar: Thomas Pederson on affecting human behaviour through unconscious persuasion

On Friday October 21, at 13:15, our fairly new senior lecturer in computer science Thomas Pederson will give a seminar in NI:C0626 with the following theme:
Affecting human behaviour through unconscious persuasion — something for future interactive systems?
“I will give some pointers to recent research on “peripheral interacton” and discuss the potential implications for design of future IoT systems. I will try to have defined a specific research question in the area which we can center the discussion around. The idea is to leave 30 mins to the intro to the topic and to have an open discussion under the following 30 mins.”
A bit about Thomas:
“I explore the development of mobile and wearable systems that seamlessly blend with and support ongoing real-world tasks (c.f. Marc Weiser’s vision of calm computing) and give rise to what we refer to as an egocentric interaction paradigm. I believe that human perception, cognition, and action capabilities are defining factors for future wearable systems that talk to us in increasingly subtle ways through our peripheral attention.”
Visitors are welcome.

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