Update from the Dean

The Dean held an all staff meeting on 28th May presenting the findings and conclusion based on this spring’s process with regard to the organisation of the Faculty. The previously suggested new organisation has been withdrawn. A new set of prioritisations in order to solve the current challenges with the Faculty organisation was presented during the May meeting.

The website about the TS organisation is now updated and you can find the presentation held at the staff meeting, both as video and as ppt, there. You will also find the updated timeframe for the prioritisations there.

Video update with the Dean

Do watch the full video, as it includes a chance to win a small prize! But below is a written summary, as usual.

A university-wide revision of salaries is currently in progress. All salary negotiations are to be finalized within the end of April. Even though the budget space for this crucial task is unusually limited, it is of course clear that you should take this opportunity and book a meeting with your closest boss. So, if you haven’t done it already: do it now!

As you know from e-mails, the time table planning forms and exam scheduling forms for the autumn semester, with learning activities both digital and on campus, all need to be approved by the Dean before they will be submitted to the scheduling and exam departments. Deadline for submitting the forms is on Monday 19 April at 8.00. For the full instructions, see the email sent on Monday 22 March. If you have any questions, do contact your head of department or head of unit.
TS international council has got a new chair!

This week, Katja Frid, head of department at MTM, was appointed as the TS representative in the Malmö University Advisory Board for Global Engagement. As such, Katja will also head the TS international council. So, any ideas or queries you may have with regard to global engagement or internationalisation, she is your go-to-person.

Did you know that an article from Henrik Jönsson, senior lecturer in physics, is the third most cited article last year in the prestigous Astronomical Journal? For more information, see the link to the excellent article written by our our research reporter Magnus Jando below https://medarbetare.mau.se/startsida/medarbetarnyheter/forskning-om-galaxer-fick-stort-genomslag-i-ansedd-tidskrift/

Another good thing is that we are currently in a phase where more teachers apply for the promotion to docent than ever before. It.’s clearly a good thing that we nog have two research education programmes in place at TS. Now, all we have to do, is to get more PhD students…

Have a good Easter everyone, and take the chance to take a break and go Easter Egg hunting or similar.

Video update with the Dean

To watch the presentation recorded att the TS staff meeting March 3rd, click the image above or follow the link in the text below.

This week, due to the TS staff meeting held by the Dean on Wednesday, the blog presents the recorded presentation from the meeting. For more information about the suggestion for future organisation and strategic development of the faculty, do visit https://staff.mau.se/ts-org. On the page, you will find the proposed future organisation in full, documentation of the process, the suggested timeframe and an overview of ways for you to have your say in the matter. 

Next Friday, 12th March, there is a TS pedagogical seminar on the topic of Digital classroom assessments. There will be live demo, discussions and questions. For more information, see the invitation in your calendar.

While in your calendar, do note that a save the date for TS competence development day on 26ht August has been sent out. Keep this in mind while planning for re-examinations or other activities this last week of August. The topic for the competence development day, along with programme, will be shared later.

Video update with the Dean

This week, the faculty board convened, and the meeting centred around various items relating to education and quality. Also, the board discussed issues related to economy. For the list of board members as well as minutes from the board meetings, see https://staff.mau.se/our-organisation/organisation/faculty-of-technology-and-society/#accordion-18416.

Yesterday, Joseph Bugeja, a PhD student in computer science defended his doctoral thesis entitled “On Privacy and Security in Smart Connected Homes”. Congratulations on a job very well done, Dr Bugeja.

Items for Monday morning decisions by the Dean should be submitted by the Wednesday before at 3PM the latest to ensure that the meeting participants can prepare in due time. For full instructions, see https://staff.mau.se/our-organisation/organisation/faculty-of-technology-and-society/#accordion-38081

Every year at TS, we fund one or more small projects in the area of education with a grant from the Rudolf W Palm Foundation. This year there is 100 000 SEK to be granted, and you are all welcome to submit an application by the 7 of April the latest. For more information, see the announcement https://blogg.mah.se/ts/2021/02/11/proposals-for-rudolf-w-palm-grant-by-7-april/

Regarding the corona situation at the university, as you know, we continue to work from home and we are able to allow only a few learning or examination activities on campus. We are expecting a new decision by the Vice Chancellor within short, and of course you will be informed about this as soon as we have it.

Do read the MAU news item about the doctoral education in Applied Physics https://mau.se/nyheter/tillampad-fysik-blir-forskarutbildningsamne/

Proposals for Rudolf W. Palm grant by 7 April

The Rudolf W. Palm Foundation was one of the funds transferred from Lund University to Malmö University in conjunction with the new university status. The criteria for receiving Rudolf W Palm Foundation funding are strongly aligned with education at the Faculty of Technology and Society and any purposes that are prioritised by the faculty management. The Faculty Dean would like to see proposals to be submitted to the grant committee for consideration. The grant total is SEK 100 000 for 2021.

Employees at the Faculty of Science and Technology are welcome to send proposals to their Head of Department. The proposal should include the aim of the proposed project and how it will be of importance to the faculty, the main-applicant and co-applicants, as well as an overview of how any funds will be spent.

Please send your proposals to your Head of Department, Katja Frid at MTM or Bo Peterson at DVMT, no later than Wednesday, 7 April 2020.

Previous years, the Rudolf W. Palm grant has been awarded to the following projects:
2020 Connected Seniors: Using Smart Technology for Health and Wellness
2020 Analysis of the preconditions for engineering education at MAU with focus on humanitarian aid and sustainable social development
2019 Portable telescope for education and collaboration and Vertically Integrated Projekt: Establishing VIP teams at Malmö University
2018 Vault! Learning through creativity: a parkour based educational model and application.
2017 Towards a pervasive gamified learning system for increasing student engagement and lowering the dropout rate in Computer Science
2016 Light microscope

Video update with the Dean

Starting the spring semester, the current instruction regarding the ongoing pandemic from our Vice Chancellor is to:

  • work from home until the first of July, 
  • campus teaching and campus examination should be conducted digitally and held to a minimum until end of March, exemptions are still used and may also be reconsidered

At TS, the corona-based management group continue to meet once a week to sort out questions on, for instance, interpretation and adaptation of decisions taken by the Vice Chancellor, Canvas course registrations, struggles with computer lab configurations, and so much more. For the latest updates, continue to regularly follow https://staff.mau.se/first-page/puffs/recommendations-regarding-the-novel-coronavirus-covid-19/.

As you know, the vice chancellor decided about the installation of doctoral degree rights for Applied Physics just before Christmas. That means that TS is entrusted with a second degree right on the doctoral level. This in turn, raises questions about how the research education is managed and supported at our faculty. Thus, the board of research and doctoral education, FFN, has given the Dean and a small group of representatives from research and doctoral education the assignment to suggest reinforcements.

Soon, you will receive a survey about your thoughts on internal communication at TS. You are all encouraged to answer it, as this will be integral input into our process of developing the internal communication plan at our faculty. Of course, the more and better you answer on the survey, the more you will benefit from this in the long run.

Two of the free standing courses at TS are on the list of the most searched courses at MAU. Web development and Programming in C#. Congratulations and good work! 

Also, the two MTM engineering degrees in Maskin- och materialteknik and Produktutveckling och design have successfully been externally evaluated. For more information, see https://medarbetare.mau.se/startsida/medarbetarnyheter/ukas-granskning-av-utbildningar-fardig/.

Video update with the Dean

Today, after a long process and just in time for Christmas, we have the decision by the Vice-Chancellor that the doctoral education subject of Applied Physics is established. Next year we will also establish the General study plan.  Also, the Vice Chancellor will take the initiative for a dialogue with TS for following up the recommendations that the external reviewers share in their report. The external committee “conclude that Applied Phsyics will provide an excellent doctoral graduation subject” and further “that starting this programme will significantly strengthen MTM and its role at the Faculty and MAU” and they also  “judge that MTM has the academic and pedagogical expertise in place to make it succeed”. Their report also states that “the departmental culture is vibrant and dynamic” and they find that  “There is no doubt that there are hardworking and loyal staff at MTM, who are very skilled and enthusiastic about a doctoral education programme in Applied Physics”. Particular thanks to the team behind the new doctoral education subject, Professor Per Jönsson, Associate Professor Pär Olsson, Associate Professor Lindsay Merte, Research officer and senior researcher Christian Stråhlman, Doctoral candidate Asimina Papoulia, Deputy head of department Henrik Hartman, previous head of MTM Mats Persson, and Head of MTM: Katja Frid.

Congratulations to Dr. Fahed Alkhabbas for successfully defending his doctoral thesis in computer science last Friday, and to his main supervisor Romina Spalazzese and his supervisor Paul Davidsson.

Christmas greetings from the Vice Chancellor (texted in English) https://medarbetare.mau.se/startsida/medarbetarnyheter/vi-behover-nu-halla-distans-till-zoom-och-digitala-losningar/

Video update with the Dean

During lunch today, there is an open meeting for TS staff with the university management regarding the corona situation. For details, see your invitation.

On a similar note, on Tuesday next week, the TS management invites all our students for a meeting to hear briefly how TS and the university has worked with digital education and exemptions and to ask questions about the study situation.

There is a recent decision made by the Vice Chancellor that makes it possible to ask for permission to ask the students to use the web camera during home examinations. This permission can be granted by the dean during a decision meeting. We are currently working on how to handle such requests and will get back to you with some directions about this as soon as possible.

The Faculty Board convenes today. On the agenda, there is a follow up of the operational dialogue with the Vice Chancellor and the final decision about the departments’ operational plans. Moreover, the faculty board will follow up on the conclusions regarding the quality assessment of the educational programmes that were evaluated by external experts last year. Also, the discussion on the preconditions for a civilingenjörsutbildning at Malmö university will continue.

The TS Christmas event will be held on the 16th of December. There will be time for reflection on the highlights of the year, a pop quiz of course, and we do hope to make you laugh as well! For some leads regarding the quiz, do watch the full video above.

In the mean time, while waiting for all the fun in the weeks to come, do follow the Christmas calendar on the MAU staff pages presenting suggestions of tiny, yet funny activity that will help to do every work day to give yourself brief brakes between meetings and lectures during the day. You find it here https://medarbetare.mau.se/din-anstallning/friskvard/aktivitetsjulkalender/.

Video update with the Dean

This time, the Dean continues to remind all to follow the updates on the corona website on the staff pages here https://staff.mau.se/first-page/puffs/recommendations-regarding-the-novel-coronavirus-covid-19/. There are updates in terms of policy regarding doctoral defence and general updates regarding the restrictions in the coming weeks.

Although you may reconsider the exemptions for exams or labs, please note that the the government has announced that educational sector has a particularly important role and may continue, provided that the universities already have most of their activities online and that we all take our personal responsibility regarding hygiene, distancing, etc. On 4th December the Vice Chancellor invites all TS staff members for an open faculty meeting about the Corona situation, invitations in outlook will be updated. Please also watch the greeting from the Vice Chancellor here https://medarbetare.mau.se/startsida/medarbetarnyheter/film-tack-till-alla-medarbetare-for-era-fantastiska-arbetsinsatser/.

Last week, faculty and university management met for a dialogue about planning for the next three years in terms of departments’ operational plans, budgets, and recruitment plans. We also adressed risk assessment issues and how they affect the education, research, work environment and social wellbeing of both students and staff.

The Vice chancellor expressed that she is greatly impressed by the way TS has responded to the changing conditions and for example that we have been able to scale up our education, in particular the tekniskt basår, in these uncertain times.

Now that many courses end halfway in the semester, do remember to conduct a course evaluation and importantly to fill in the course report afterwards. Our excellent education admin officers Bodil Sterner and Kristina Olsson will help you.

We have recently recieved the preliminary report from the evaluation committee regarding MTM’s application to establish doctoral education in Applied Physics here at TS. The overall judgment from the committee was very positive, for instance said about MTM that it is a “very vibrant and dynamic research environment”.

Do save the date of the TS X-mas celebration! It will take place on the 16 of Dec at 15.00, of course in a digital format.

Later the same day, the next edition of popular scientific talk show Bildningsbaren will be broadcasted. The theme is Space and it will be hosted by our own Professor Per Jönsson and starman researcher Henrik Hartman. More details about this event here https://mau.se/kalender/bildningsbaren-22-vad-ar-det-med-rymden/.

Video update with the Dean

As you most likely know, the health authorities have decided on stricter general recommendations until mid-November and possibly longer. One such recommendation is to work from home and in general to keep socialising with people other than family members to a bare minimum. Therefore, the Vice chancellor has decided that everyone should work from home as much as possible in this time. In order to be permitted to work in the office, please note that you you need explicit approval from your nearest boss.

Also, as you know, we have been preparing the schedules for the spring semester. The decision to approve the schedules, some with and some without exemptions, was taken earlier this week.
Another important aspect of the pandemic is that we are obliged to register cases of covid-19 that we know of among staff as well as of students. Please contact your nearest boss if you need to report a case. This will of course be treated confidentially and anonymously to protect the integrity of any individuals.
As mentioned before, do follow the updates on the corona virus staff page. For this, see https://staff.mau.se/first-page/puffs/recommendations-regarding-the-novel-coronavirus-covid-19/.

The vice chancellor has made a new decision with regard to the doctoral defenses for the spring semester.  In the near future, we expect a couple of licentiate and doctoral defense seminars that of course will be arranged in a digital format.

On Thursday next week, the TS management will have a dialogue meeting the the university management. This meeting is primarily focused on the plans for next year, such as operational planning, budget and recruitment plans.Then, on Friday, the day after, the TS Faculty board will convene and decide about the budget for the coming year. Also, three suggestions for new education degree programmes will  hopefully be approved for submission to the Vice Chancellor.

Today and tomorrow, MTM is hosting the Sonja Kovalevsky-days where high school pupils with a particular interest in mathematics meet for inspirational seminars. For further detail, see https://mau.se/kalender/sonjakovalevsky-dagarna2020/.

Professor Paul Davidsson has received a WASP-HS-grant for research about Artificial Intelligenge, see https://mau.se/nyheter/stora-anslag-till-malmo-universitets-ai-forskning/.  Also, Carl Magnus Olsson at DVMT together with Dario Salvi at K3 have been granted funding from the Mats Paulsson Foundation.

Video update with the Dean

Our Vice Chancellor has decided that the main option for the spring semester is to continue with digital education and examination, however the possibility to ask for exemptions is still available. For further instructions including templates and deadlines, consult emails sent on 20 October.

The department dialogues with the management of MTM and DVMT together with TS management were held earlier this week. These provide an important update on the planning that is being done for the coming three year period as well as follow up on aspects discussed during the quality dialogues in spring.

On Friday, 23 October you are all invited to a pedagogical seminar over lunch about Learning support and accessible teaching. See your calendar for the invitation.

Claudio Nigro, doctoral student at MTM, defends his dissertation entitled Phase-field modeling of stress-induced precipitation and kinetics in engineering metals, today at Chalmers! For further information, see your calendar invitation.

Earlier this week, the Vice-Chancellor promoted Martin Berg to full professor of media technology. Congratulations Martin and congratulations TS!

Congratulations Ulf Johansson, service technician at Niagara, who receives the Award for efforts in support and service this year, and thanks for the fantastic support your offer us! Read more about Ulf here https://medarbetare.mau.se/startsida/medarbetarnyheter/grattis-ulf-johansson-till-utmarkelsen-for-sarskilda-insatser-inom-stod-och-service/,

Lastly, enjoy watching this film where a handful of TS researchers present their research https://play.mau.se/media/t/0_7vlkv9tz

Video update with the Dean

Thanks for joining us on the TS competence development day 30 September. You can watch the presentation below. It is imperative that you all submit your course reports for the spring semester to Bodil or Kristina by 16 October, and that we implement the new process this semester.

This week, IoTaP arranges the digital IoT2020 conference with over 360 participants from both industry and academia worldwide. Among the speakers are both our own researchers and PhD students as well as renowned persons such as Prof Dianne Cook of Washington state university and Prof. Shahram Dustdar of TU Wien. Topics for the conference included Edge computing, AI, cybersecurity and digital twins.

Next week, the TS faculty board will convene. Among the items on their agenda are the Step 1 programme suggestions from both computer science and media technology, and heads of departments will present the operational plans for the coming three years.

This year on 23 September we did a virtual TS-fika on Zoom for new students. We had about 80 students who attend the drop-in sessions with student representatives from each of bachelor and engineer degree programs. 

Next Friday, October 16, Malmö University launches a virtual master’s program fair on https://mau.se/en/calendar/open-house-for-masters-studies/

Congratulations Alberto Alvarez Uribe, doctoral student at DVMT,  who received a travel grant from Reidar Peters fund for internationalisation.

Congratulations Veronica Dahlberg och Alexander Liderås, media technology students, and their teachrs, who were awarded by Grafiska Yrkenas Främjande – Society for Promotion of Graphic Professions for the best thesis this year.

Congratulations Martin Berg at DVMT for receiving 4 miljoner SEK in funding from Forte for the project ‘Working with Algorithmic Colleagues: Expectations and Experiences of Automated Decision-Making’!

Congratulations Christina Titti Bjerken at MTM for receiving 350 000 SEK from VINNOVA for an application together with RISE to strengthen the Global Product Development.

Video update with the Dean

TS, and in particular MTM, is preparing for the 8th October hearing regarding the doctoral education rights in applied physics.

Last week, the Israeli ambassador visited Malmö University and due to his particular interest in innovation and technology, a meeting was arranged for the ambassador to meet TS teachers and researchers working with the master programme in Innovation for change in a digital society and at IoTaP. See clips from the visit in the IoTaP-lab where Romina Spalazzese, Daniel Spikol and Johan Holmberg introduces some recent research projects in the film.

The first big meeting regarding the civilingenjörsutbildning was held earlier this week and external reviewer Jesper Andersson, LNU, presented his report. You can watch his presentation here

Today, TS researcher Maria Engberg is participating at the Researcher Square (Forskartorget) at the Swedish Book Fair and she contributes with a digital lecture entitled Digital Reading — is it better or worse? To view the lecture, click here https://mau.se/kalender/digital-lasning-battre-eller-samre/

Video update with the Dean

Already two weeks into the semester, the Dean is very impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm that teachers and staff show our students! 

The Vice-Chancellor has extended the decision that we will be working mainly digitally until the 18th January, and thus we will have a new round of submitting requests for exemptions for labs and examinations to be held on campus. The deadline for this is 18 September. We will also mostly work from home and continue to keep in touch and take care of each other as much as possible under these circumstances.

The TS Faculty Board met on Tuesday this week. Some items discussed were the  agenda for global engagement, TS financial situation and the board made decisions regarding resource distribution for the coming years and some minor changes in the TS education board.  The faculty board also talked about “civilingenjör”. This discussion will continue on 22 September a meeting about preconditions for Malmö university to start a civilingenjör degree programme will be held.

Both departments at TS have recently had meetings with the Vice-Chancellor about Strategy 2022. Your input during these meetings are very useful in the continued strategic management of the university.

The TS Competence Development Day which is held on 30 September is an important day for teachers at TS to join. The focus is on the implementation on the new process for course evaluation and course reports. For more information see calendar invitations.

Video update with the Dean

Welcome to a new semester! At least the first half of it will mean digital teaching and examination, as well as working from home. There are of course exceptions from this main rule, and to those of you who will from time to time work on site, at our campus: please, be sure to follow the guidelines from the Public Health Agency, as well as the ones issued at Malmö university. Guidelines and updates on policies are found here https://staff.mau.se/first-page/puffs/recommendations-regarding-the-novel-coronavirus-covid-19/

Initial reports on the admittance statistics for TS indicate that all seats, including those created by our government and provided to us by our university management, have been filled. However, we must of course await all registration in class before any conclusion about the enrollment on a semester such as this could be reached. Here is a link to an article about the extra funds for education that we received around midsummer https://medarbetare.mau.se/startsida/medarbetarnyheter/extra-resurser-for-att-oka-antalet-utbildningsplatser/.

This semester we will address the the recommendations from our ERA19 panel and how to design a faculty-specific roadmap or strategy for the development of the research at TS. The question lies at the heart of our Faculty Board, but will of course be discussed in more groups and boards than that, for instance, in the next meeting of the Board of Research and Doctoral Education. The extended executive summary of the ERA19, titled Preconditions, Processes, Performances for High-Quality Research is available here https://mau.app.box.com/s/dh7wrtcy3ueds0omlv79ua92kyf5fd86. If you prefer a paper copy, please contaxt Sandip Kaur at the faculty administration to get one.

Liz Hofmann is the new studentombud for TS at Studentkåren Malmö. She will represent TS students in various meetings and boards, handle student errands and work with ways of having student voices being heard, such as through the implementation of the new course evaluation process. Liz has been in contact with programme responsible teachers and will join upprop, and if you would like to invite her to your course or discuss any student related matter with her, find her contact information here https://malmostudenter.se/en/english/representatives/. We look forward to working with Liz and wish her all the best in her role at TS.

Lastly, during this semester the video updates will be published every second week. Feedback and suggestions for the updates can be shared directly with the Dean.

Weekly video update by the Dean

Today, we held an extra decision meeting at the faculty with exemptions from the Vice-Chancellor decision to start next semester with digital education and examination. We handled some 27 documents comprising and granted over 60 requests for exemptions based on TS courses for the first half of the fall semester.

There are of course loads of practical issues for each course that remains to be solved, but with this decision in place, it is my hope that a foundation in terms of clarity for the start of the fall semester is laid, thereby providing all the teachers with the necessary means for targeting appropriate solutions to all practical problems.

For the specifics, please see the Dean’s decision meeting box-folder here https://mau.box.com/s/6r5e100x36vb9kukowy42mrvl891i802

At the TS faculty board today, the decision was taken to forward the application for research education rights for the subject area of Applied Physics to the vice chancellor. This is an unusually important strategic step in the further development of our university faculty. Special thanks to Per Jönsson and Pär Olsson along with their colleagues at MTM for their hard work on this important step.

Meeting minutes from the faculty board can be found here https://medarbetare.mau.se/ledning-och-organisation/organisation/fakulteten-for-teknik-och-samhalle/#accordion-18416

The Rudolf W Palm grant for 2020 was awarded to Titti Bjerken of MTM and Nancy Russo of DVMT with 25 000 kr each for the projects:

Both projects will also be co-financed with the same amount from the Faculty, meaning that both Titti and Nancy will receive a total of 50 K sek for their project. Congratulations and best of luck to you!

Jakob Sandman, an alumni of the engineering degree programme in Product Development and Design has designed the first ear plugs made of recycled plastic, read more about this astonishing product innovation and learn more about the  crowdfunding that enables the production here https://mau.se/nyheter/han-utvecklar-varldens-forsta-oronpropp-av-atervunnen-plast/

Weekly video update by the Dean

The Government announced on May 29, that universities can prepare for a gradual return to on-campus teaching. As a result, the Vice-Chancellor decided on some changes to the directional decision for the autumn semester on June 3.  Please note that the main alternative for teaching and examination is still to do it digitally for the first half of the autumn semester.  

At TS this means that we continue working with exemptions as we had already been instructed to, following the process that was introduced to you by pro-dean last week. 

Hence, any exemptions from digital teaching or examination should still be submitted to the Heads of department by Monday 8th June 11.00, then evaluated as a whole, and will be decided by the Dean on Friday 12th June. The revised decision is attached, and you can read more about it here https://staff.mau.se/first-page/puffs/recommendations-regarding-the-novel-coronavirus-covid-19/

Congratulations to the TS researchers who were granted research funding from the Crafoord Foundation:

In total, MAU sent 37 applications of which 14 were granted. TS is proud that six of them were from our faculty!

A couple of weeks ago, you were informed about the 10 MKR donation received for hiring a PhD-student in materials science, read more about it here https://medarbetare.mau.se/startsida/medarbetarnyheter/donation-mojliggor-doktorandprojekt-i-materialvetenskap/

A gentle reminder about the TS summer-zoom-event to be held on 17th June at 15.00. The programme will be distributed next week.

Weekly update by the Pro-Dean

This weeks vlog was recorded before the press release by the Swedish Government on Friday afternoon.

Many of you have seen that the Government today decided to open universities from the 15th June, but with measures taken to follow the recommendations by the Public Health Agency. Right now there is an ongoing analysis of the decision on the university and on the faculty of TS. We will get back to you with information as soon as there is a clear understanding of how this will affect our work at TS and MAU and what the consequences will be for teaching and examinations in the coming months. Unfortunately, we cannot answer questions about this right now, before the evaluation by the university is ready. As such, until further notice, we will continue to work with the process for exemptions and continue to work digitally and from home. If there are questions from students, please inform them that we are working on the analysis and will get back to them with what practical and other consequences this will have. The TS management will reach out with new information in due time. In the meantime, please continue to follow the updates here, see https://staff.mau.se/first-page/puffs/recommendations-regarding-the-novel-coronavirus-covid-19/in English and in Swedish https://medarbetare.mau.se/startsida/puffar/covid-19/.

On Monday this week, pro-dean Bengt J Nilsson invited TS staff for a meeting regarding the recent decision to extend digital teaching and examination until 8th November. In addition to teaching and examination, the student introduction was discussed, as well as IT-support.

There is a possibility to ask for exemption from digital teaching and examination. Any course responsible may forward a description of why any teaching or examining elements cannot be conducted digitally with retained quality and progression, to their Head of department for the Head of department to forward these on 8th June. All TS requests for exemptions will be evaluated before the Dean can make decisions on 12th June.

The TS templates for exemptions can be found here https://mau.box.com/s/u2h623yvikwa2sthkkucrzv7i2rxvws9. For information about the decision and exemptions, see https://staff.mau.se/first-page/puffs/recommendations-regarding-the-novel-coronavirus-covid-19/in English and in Swedish https://medarbetare.mau.se/startsida/puffar/covid-19/.