Per Hillbur: Towards a sustainable Malmö University

Per HillburIn a previous blog post, I reflected on how our university can contribute to a more sustainable world. Last week I had the opportunity to share this vision with colleagues at the 5th Rectors Conference of the Baltic University Programme , hosted by Åbo Akademi in Åbo/Turku, Finland.

The Baltic University Programme  brings 78 member universities in 12 countries together and was established in 1991 as a network to improve regional collaboration in the post-Soviet era. The programme focuses on sustainable development, environmental protection and democracy in the Baltic Sea region.


Beyond the political rhetoric, the Baltic University Programme has a very hands-on approach by intensive research and education activities. Both are essential to improve the poor environmental status of the Baltic Sea – among researchers known as “the largest desert in Europe, about the size of Denmark” . The impressive levels of research leading to new policies in this complex region can be an inspiration to eco-political conflicts elsewhere in the world.

Through interdisciplinary courses and research projects, this is a unique opportunity for students and researchers at Malmö University to get involved in collaboration on political, socio-cultural and environmental challenges.

Apart from research and education collaboration, it is also inspiring to see how other universities work to achieve a sustainable campus – a great challenge to us and the upcoming plan for our two campuses. So, in order to “practice what you preach”, please take the opportunity to form the new Malmö University and sign up for the next Campus Plan workshop for staff and students!

Per Hillbur, prorektor 


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