First impression last….not!

In Rabat since 3 days and loving every minute! I have had the possibility to visit Morocco twice before and therefor hade some “worries”….. But so far I have been very pleased. It is much cleaner, nicer and more organized than I remember.

So….Morocco – Patricia 1-0!!!  🙂

I was picked up at the Airport by my host who took me straigt to a restaurant to have a wonderful couscous because it is  Friday = Couscous in Morocco. After the 2nd prayer (of 5), people of Morocco join their family for a lovely meal. I feel that Friday is gonna be my favourite day!

Rabat Airport

While looking for somewhere to stay during my MFS I was hoping the find something “safe” and comfy. I have been very lucky to get so much more! I now share a big house with a amazing women (the host) who takes her “mission” seriously, and several students, (a woman who is doing her internship at UN Women…what where the chances? :-). )

I have been given advice about sim-cards, how to get around, where to eat and shop and much more, I feel very spoiled! The fact that the host is involved and has a great network concerning NGOs working for women’s rigths just makes it even better. Having the privlige to discuss women’s situation with her the last 3 days has thaught me a lot!


Today I had the pleasure to go for a bit sight-seeing by car. Two beaches close by and a “team building place”:

Sunday trip
Sunday trip


Beach n 2


A place to relax….yes please! 🙂

Tomorrow the plan is to meet up with one NGO to explain in person the purpose of my study and hopefully get their support and help.

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  1. Hey Patricia!
    It sounds wonderful the housing that you have found and to live with a woman working for the UN with all that knowledge! I hope that your Field study continue like this!

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