Today while studying I heard something sounding like demonstrations. Sounded like a large mass of people singing something. I thought that must be demonstrations or something like that. Last week in town I saw demonstrating people singing and dancing (seemed much more fun than demonstrations at home). I was thinking that this must have something to do with the political parties or so because there has been debates on the news about the elections that took place in December about the counting of the votes. Anyway, thought it was something related to that, so I asked E if that was a demonstration or something. Not knowing that it was the choir of a nearby church. They kept on singing and I had almost forgotten how Ghanaian churches are! Very lively and I love it! The place I’m staying at also has three mosques. So after the choir was done the calls for prayers began. Very beautiful and it’s so nice to see that both Christians and Muslims live side by side like this.

18:25 so I’m done with studying for today. Finally I’ll eat my dear coconut that has been waiting for me all day!


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  1. Jag kunde inte annat än dra på smilbanden efter att ha läst ditt inlägg :). Tänk vad galet det kan bli ibland. Själv bor jag också nära både en moské och diverse kyrkor, och hade jag inte lagt märke till skyltarna när jag kom igår så hade jag nog också trott att det var värsta upploppet på gång :).

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