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Every Thursday at 12-13 people meet very informally at the Student Union Building to share ideas and to start new initiatives. Many ideas are shared in the Facebook Group and then followed up on a Thursday meeting.  There are a number of projects in support of refugees taking place at the university. On this page we will try to collect them all and keep up to speed with the discussions in the Group:

  • Open seminar with focus on the refugee crisis – please search the blog for the category “seminar” for information on given seminars.
  • Streamed lectures with a focus on welcoming refugees to Sweden, learning basic Swedish, Culture etc. Responsible: International Office
  • Language Café once per week, and a social Place where refugees and students/staff can meet. More information here.
  • A Group of lecturers from the department of Social Work encourage all staff to donate the income of one work day to Charity, for example the university’s fundraiser in favour of the Red Cross
  • A mentoring activity aimed at helping foreign academics cracking the codes and get Contacts. As a group, MAH staff members (and other interested) could provide large networks and knowledge about the labour market. Contact: Helena Bohman,
  • Swedish Teachers/lecturers and Teacher Students from the Faculty of Education and Society discuss how they can volunteer teaching Swedish to newly arrived refugees
  • Collection of shoes in the University Library to be donated to a home for unaccompanied minors in Malmö
  • A charity concert on Dec 4th, more information hereFoto på skoinsamling


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