Familjehem eller fadder: information meeting Nov 26 at 12-13

The text below is copied from the event:

(In English below)

Inte sedan andra världskriget har så många människor varit på flykt. Till Malmö kommer många ensamkommande barn och ungdomar varje dag. Behovet av hem och annat stöd ökar därför kraftigt. Tillsammans med Malmö stad och Ensamkommandes förbund vill vi informera dig om hur du kan bli familjehem eller fadder.

Att vara familjehem till ett ensamkommande barn innebär att man tar emot ett barn eller ung person i sitt hem. Detta kan man också göra under en kortare tid som ett så kallat jourhem tills barnet får ett mer långsiktigt boende.

Ensamkommandes förbund arbetar för att göra ensamkommandes röster hörda och fungerar som ett socialt nätverk. Via deras fadderverksamhet har du regelbunden kontakt med en ungdom för att stötta och stärka den i sin vardag.

Den 26/11 kl.12-13 har vi bjudit in Familjehemssektionen, Malmö stad, och Ensamkommandes förbund till Kårens lokal på Bassängkajen 8 för en föreläsning om uppdragens alla olika vinklar. Här kommer det finnas plats att lyssna och ta del av information, fråga frågor samt anmäla vidare intresse. Hoppas vi ses där!


Not since World War II have there been so many refugees in the world. Many unaccompanied children and youths come to Malmö every day. The need of housing and other support increases constantly. Together with the City of Malmö and Ensamkommandes förbund (an organization for unaccompanied youths) we want to inform you about how you can become a foster home or sponsor.

To be a foster home for an unaccompanied child means that you care for a child or young person in your home. You can also do this during a shorter period of time until the child gets a more long term living accommodation.

The purpose of Ensamkommande förbund is to make the voices of unaccompanied youths heard and to function as a social network. Through their sponsorship you get to have regular contact with one youth to support and strengthen them in their every day lives.

On the 26th of November at 12-1 p.m. we have invited Familjehemssektionen, the City of Malmö, and Ensamkommandes förbund to the Student Union, Bassängkajen 8, for a lecture about the different assignments. This is an opportunity to get information, ask questions and notify further interest. Hope to see you there!

(Please note: The event will be in Swedish and to become a foster home or sponsor you need to be able to speak Swedish.)

The event is organised by students studying Project Management



Meet us at the opening of Niagara today Fri 16 Oct at 13-15!  

On floor 3 of Niagara there will be represenatives from the different actions under the parole Malmö University for Refugees. Donate to the fundraiser and get a hand made bracelet, sign up for the language cafè or get engagaged in a charity concert that’s being planned. You can also suggest new initiatives or reach out to engaged people with a project you’re already evolved in. It’s up to all of us to fill the initiative with action! 

Discussions on open lectures, working groups, students at risk and more

At the Thursday meeting today we discussed a lot of interesting new ideas, initiated from both students and staff. One new working group was formed, aiming at investigating the possibility to host “students at risk” and provide.For more information please contact Anna Lundberg, anna.lundberg@mah.se

We also talked about creating a platform where teachers can post all their lectures that they can open to refugees.

An idea about on offering student led workshops on topics related to and of advantage for both refugees but also to the students’ courses was raised. Maybe in collaboration with the Board of Migration?

But most of all the meeting is a great way to meet likeminded people with a wish to act. Great conversations and sharing of experience and ideas. It provides energy and positive feelings of knowing that together we can actually make a small difference.

Go Malmö University!

Get involved – groups are forming! 

Every Thursday at 12-13 everyone is welcome to the Student Union Building to move forward with initiatives. The text below is copied from Mari’s post in the FB-group: 

Sum up of this week’s meeting: There were A LOT of great ideas and discussions! Nonetheless, we decided it would be better to start off with just a few projects, and then grow from there. The 4 initiatives that we decided to work with are:
* Work with minors: This group of people will focus on organizing activities, projects, etc, that are focused on helping refugee minors. If you are interested in being part of this work contact Marzia Mattes at marziamattes@gmx.ch

* Work with women: This group of people will focus on organizing activities, projects, initiatives that will focus on helping refugee women on the different challenges that they may face in Sweden. If you are interested in being part of this work contact Sofia Kristoffersen at aifoskri@gmail.com

* Language Cafe: This group of people will focus on organizing a weekly language cafe for refugees, where students can teach swedish/english to refugees on a volunteer basis. If you are interested in being part of this work contact Marisol Pérez at marisoconnor@gmail.com

* Rights and Frequently Asked Questions: This group of people will focus on arranging a “frequently asked questions” document for refugees in which they/we can find information about their rights and possibilities in Sweden. This will be a document that we can look back to when we are asked questions, in order to ensure we give them the right information, as there is a lot of incorrect information being spread out. This work will require a lot of research and also cooperation with legal entities in Malmö/Sweden. If you are interested in being part of this work contact: Paul Hattig at paul.pauli94@gmx.de

So, let’s get this work started people! If you want to be part of more than one group feel free to do it as long as your time allows it!

See you again on Thursday!

Meeting Thursdays at 12 in the Student Union Building

Don’t forget to show up at the second meeting tomorrow Thursday at 12-13 in the Student Union Building. The focus of this meeting will be practical and groups will be formed. Initiatives are very welcomed to be shared, so please come and tell the others if you have an idea or if you’re already involved in a project and need more volunteers.

See you there!

Get involved!

pic from open meetingWow! What an amazing turnout at our first open meeting! We estimate around 350 people were in the room, we couldn’t even squeeze everyone in! This shows that there are a lot of engaged students and staff at the university. The meeting was the kick off for the initiative – now it is up to each and every one of us to act.

The university welcomes all initiatives and offers the possibility to act under the united banner: ‘Malmö University for Refugees’. We stand up for equal human rights!

  • Use the Facebook group as a platform for discussions and share your initiative, comment on others and help develop ideas
  • Come to the Student Union Building every Thursday at 12-13 for at least the next few weeks (or as long as there’s a need). Next week we will form interest groups and brainstorm ideas – bring a friend – the more people we have, the more people we can help!
  • Share the link for our fundraiser for the Red Cross – help us raise 500 000 SEK before the end of the academic year!
  • Use the banner/logo to market your events, use as a profile or cover picture, or whatever you find suitable. You can also use the poster template (you can delete the text running from top to bottom on the left of the page and replace it with ‘Malmö University for Refugees’.)

MAh-for-refugeesWe would like to take the opportunity to thank today’s speakers: May Samhouri (student and Board Member in the Student Union who is also a refugee from Syria), Jakbo Ingelgren (Red Cross), Nils Karlsson (Deputy Mayor) and Cecilia Christersson (Vice Chancellor).


Open meeting on Sep 10th at 12-13

Welcome to an open meeting Thursday Sep 10th at 12-13 at the Student Union Building (Bassängkajen 8) and brainstorm together with students and staff at Malmö University – How can the university get involved and support the struggle of refugees?

Meet Malmö University’s acting Vice Chancellor Cecilia Christersson, May Samhouri from the Student Union. May came to Sweden as a refugee from Syria 2,5 years ago and will share her experiences. Hala Mohammed, vice president of The Swedish Red Cross will talk about their local and international work for refugees and also let us know how our money from the fundraiser will be used.  Nils Karlsson, local politician responsible for democracy, equality and human rights issues in the City of Malmö, will present the city’s work with newly arrived refugees and how we can contribute.

After the presentations we will open up the floor for initiatives and questions from the audience, and try to connect as many people as possible.

Get inspired and inspire others! Let’s go from theory to action and get involved in hands on projects to support the needs of refugees, together with fellow students and staff at the university.

Read more on the Facebook-event (and see who else is coming).

Also please support the university’s  fundraiser for the Red Cross!

Join our facebook group for discussions and connections, both during and after the meeting!