Refugee research initiative

Malmö University is concentrating its efforts and focusing on research linked to the current refugee situation. This initiative will include a postdoc programme and notice of available research funding has been issued.

The majority of this investment will be in a two-year postdoc programme. The University is currently advertising at least five postdoc positions in refugee research with a focus on political control, media and communication studies, care science, criminology and social work. The programme is being run in collaboration with the research centre Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare.

“The University has also allocated further funding for more delimited research initiatives that will be decided later in the spring. There is considerable commitment and a whole range of exciting ideas at all the faculties,” said Hans Lindquist, Pro Vice-Chancellor with responsibility for research and doctoral programmes. “A comprehensive inventory is currently being made of migration and refugee research at the University and the results will be presented at an open seminar in March.”

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