Reflecting on design, sustainability and social change #2

Malmö University DESIS Lab and MEDEA are producing a series of short interviews with design practitioners and researchers to explore if and how design can contribute to sustainability and social change in different contexts.

This second interview is with Yanki Lee  a social designer, design researcher and activist that has spent the past 20 years in designing creative participation for social inclusion and innovation. Yanki has been working in both European and Asian context.  She is the co-founder of the Enable Foundation in Hong Kong, a  non-profit social design agency with the aim to develop capacity training programs and projects on design thinking & doing and creativity with individuals, organizations from private and public sectors.

The Virtual Reality Hype

Virtual reality is celebrated as the ultimate medium for storytelling. Some even say that virtual reality can make you feel empathy in ways that no other media could. In this episode of Medea Vox, we gather three media scholars to discuss the concepts of augmented and virtual reality. Should we believe the hype?

This is a conversation between Jay David Bolter, Wesley chair of new media at the Georgia Institute of Technology; Susan Kozel, professor of new media at K3; and Maria Engberg, assistant professor in media technology at Malmö University.

The New Human Symposium 30.8.2016


Moderna Museet Malmö and Malmö University (Medea and K3) welcome you to THE NEW HUMAN SYMPOSIUM, in which the invited speakers Patricia MacCormack, Sverre Raffnsøe, Susan Kozel, and Ursula Mayer will give us further insights into the times we live in, and towards what future we might be heading. In connection to the symposium, Moderna Museet Malmö will host the world premiere of Ursula Mayer’s new film, Atom Spirit.

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On Lifelogging and the Quantified Self

We’ve all heard about the Fitbits, GoPros, sleep apps and other digital trackers that create data points out of our everyday activities. But how did people self-archive before the digital? What does the era of digital storage do to our concepts of identity and self-representation?

Listen to the new episode of Medea Vox with K3 PhD students Molly Schwartz and Jacek Smolicki.