Christmas Calendars by Interaction Design

The Interaction Design students (first year bachelor) have created Christmas calendars as part of their first course in programming.

Trumpidjul1 Christmas calendar

NissekalenderidjulkalendernisseChristmas calendar

JuleMonidjul2 Christmas calendar

Citatkalender idjul3 Chistmas calendar

Fakta om julen

idjul4 Christmas calendar


Save the worldidjul5



Nosewise – a videogame platform for smellbased brain training

Simon Neidenthal, senior lecturer at K3, is part the research project “Nosewise – a videogame platform for smellbased brain training”. You can read more about the project in the latest issue of “Vetenskap och hälsa” or an english version of the article on the Malmö University-website.

In October Simon will talk about his reseach at Akademisk kvart, Malmö stadsbibliotek.


SIDeR – Student Interaction Design Research Conference

This year’s SIDeR Student Interaction Design Research conference in Malmö on 1st and 2nd of April, is organized by the master programme of Interaction Design at K3. SIDeR is a yearly event for and by students held throughout northern Europe.

The two day event will be a mixture of keynote lectures, demos, workshops and parties.

The theme of the 12th SIDeR conference deals with the ever evolving relationship between Human and Nature. Interaction design is at the centre of this relationship as technology and design progressively transform, blur and redefine our notion of the natural and the artificial.

More information on the SIDeR conference webpage