Welcome to a Design Thing!

The students and teachers of the Co-Design course invite you to a Design Thing about city making and democracy

A “Design Thing” is a hybrid of a democratic parliament and an experimental laboratory where participants collaboratively “make” decisions through exploring  matters of concern.

8th of November

STORM, Malmö University.

RSVP 2nd November to anna.seravalli@mah.se

During the course. we have been focusing on the areas of Kv. Spårvägen and Östervarn/Kirseberg, to explore together with local inhabitants, civil servants, NGOs, companies and other actors questions of: citizens involvement and waste minimization; and collaborative efforts in the planning and development of a former industrial area. On the last day of the course we would like to engage you in a Design Thing around some of the insights we gain along the way.

/ The students and teachers of the Co-Design  course





Co-designing Malmö’s parking lots

Codesign in Malmö

While taking the course Co-design — Design, Participation, Democracy, five students dedicated themselves to exploring the topic of urban public spaces in Malmö.

Camila Mahzouni, Manuel Siegel, Szymon Sulka, Kamila Wnorowska, and Hyejoo Yoo looked at what public spaces are, how participation within these spaces works, and, crucially, what citizens expect them to be like. As a result of their project, the co-design students created a participatory platform and redesigned Malmö’s parking lots with it, concluding that public spaces can be turned into whatever they need to be.

Read more about students work here.

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Vote for Swedish Design Award

Graphic Design Exhibition Catalog

Graphic Design exhibition catalog 2017 is nominated to the Swedish Design Award, category Information – Print. 

Design by Graphic Design students: Alexander Hedström, Camila Mahzouni, Emma Nilsson, Hedvig Wallin, Linnea Åsberg, Louise Edvardsson, Malin Wollberg, Rasmus Nilsson och Niclas Dahlberg Hansson.

Graphic Design alumn Amanda Björk is also nominated to Swedish Design Award but in the category Information – Digital. Amanda has been involved in the campaign “Mer kärl-lek i Svedala” about recycling. 

Vote before September 17. The winners will be announced October 19. 

Article about Amanda Björk from Ystadbladet.

Campaign “Mer kärl-lek i Svedala”