Returning the Ear

Returning the Ear is a performance walk in response to the soundscape of Malmö. The project is an ongoing collaboration with K3 PhD student Jacek Smolicki and artist/performer/sound designer/researcher Tim Shaw.

Everyone is welcome to be part of Returing of the Ear September 13, 7 pm at Inter Art Center, Bergsgatan 29 in Malmö.

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Returning the Ear is a part of [Post]-[Digital]-[Archives], an impromptu event/residency/exhibition/archive-in-the-making facilitated by Smolicki at IAC between 11-19th of September. The event will be inaugurated at 6PM, (an hour prior to the sound walk), Wednesday, September 13, at IAC.

Let‘s say the digital revolution is over. The enthusiasm that ushered in this revolution has since become counter-balanced, if not submerged, by skepticism and disenchantment. And what we are faced with are ubiquitous surveillance, impoverishment of aesthetic experiences and trivialization of social life, the results of an — at once deep and shallow – immersion in the digital and network media. The way we access, record and archive our presence in the world has also been affected. In this post-digital situation, we all engage in some forms of archiving, whether we want to – or not. When interacting with our devices, we archive and are being archived, held captive by a densely woven net of technologies. How can this condition be approached creatively?

The event takes the form of a temporary zone for the exploration of hybrid modes of personal archiving. In a loose and impromptu manner, the event presents on-going work of several practitioners who, in a poetic, humble, renegade, creative and subversive way combine digital and non-digital techniques to record, erase, archive, unarchive, remediate or demediate selected facets of everyday life in the present moment. Practitioners whose on-going work will be presented in the White Room at IAC include: Tim Shaw, Malin Pettersson Öberg, Nikita Mazurov, Jenny Soep, Ronda Bautista, Lucy N. and Jacek Smolicki.

(The works will be accessible to the public on the evening of Wednesday, September 13th, however individual visits and meetings can be scheduled directly with Jacek Smolicki any time between Thursday, September 14th and Monday, September 18th. Contact: or