Next to You at Korsvägen

Next to You at Korsvägen is a mixed realty walk in Gothenburg by K3 PhD student Marika Hedemyr and is part of Gothenburg International Biennial for Contemporary Art.

Where are you going? How do you relate to the person next to you?

A smartphone in your hand can open up new worlds and connections, and also create isolated bubbles and segmented societies. In Next to You at Korsvägen, Hedemyr explores this paradox through an interactive walk where your choice of direction is crucial for the course of events. The work remixes the city’s visions of Göteborg as a destination with quotes from Vilhelm Moberg’s novel series The Emigrants, and facts about Korsvägen. A private mixed-reality situation where the experience of the place and the passers-by is intensified.

In which direction are you heading? Get ready!

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