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The amazing gifts from my co-workers! I just want to say thank you for this amazing experience! It has been a pleasure to be here for six months.

Bye bye Malmö!

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Finland & London

Christmas in Finland was pretty chill, snow and lots of food of course. What did I get for Christmas? Fat. Haha.
London was absolutely amazing. I went to New Years party, met my friends Living in London, got some new local friends, had traditional British Christmas dinner, went to food & vintage market, lots of shopping obviously, art gallery, Sherlock Holmes museum… Good times! Thanks for my lovely friend Dora who came with me to explore this amazing city. The third visit to London made me even more confident that I wan’t to live there someday!

IMG_20150105_022133 IMG_20150105_021019

IMG_20141228_102707 IMG_20141224_211044

Tomorrow is my last day in the office, I just can’t believe it! The rest of the office is going to Ystad for some training, so my Thursday and Friday are free. I probably will go to Copenhagen on Thursday for the last time because of the Copenhagen Fashion Week. My last visit to this lovely city.

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Merry Christmas

I am alone in the office, waiting for my flight to Finland. I will go there for five days to spend the Christmas with my Family. And I am going to LONDON for New years! Soooo excited! My friend will come with me from Finland, and also I have two other friends living in London currently. I bet it will be awesome, I will give some updates after this awesome trip.

The December has passed insanely fast. We had the Kick Off for outgoing students and the Exit Seminar for current exchange students leaving after the semester ends. So I got to keep two presentations which was really fun. It was good to practice my presentation skills a bit! I haven’t kept any presentations for such a long time. Seeing all the outgoing students made me really want to go on exchange again! I think I would go to somewhere far again, like Brazil or Australia! Or if I stayed in Europe, then I could go to some vibrant city like Barcelona. 😉

Merry Christmas everyone! I will update again in January!

xoxo Johanna

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Thesis problem solved and Copenhagen

I am happy to tell you that I have finally decided my topic for my thesis. Hoooraaay!!! I will make a trip- and marketing plan for a travel company in my home city. I think the topic was really interesting so I am kind of excited to do that. Also the thought of graduation will keep me excited about this I guess.

I am also happy to tell you, that I am madly in love. With Copenhagen. I have been there three times now but each time I enjoy it more and more. My friend came to visit me from Finland and we spent awesome time there. Copenhagen is such a beautiful, dynamic, trendy, and entertaining. I love the cycling-culture. People are much more open-minded than in Finland or Sweden. I think there is not so much differences between Finns and Swedes, but there is a huge difference between Swedes and Danes. I feel like Danes are much more easy-going and knows how to have fun. (I am not saying that Swedes are not fun 😉 ) So I kind of  had an idea that I also have to apply to Denmark for master studies… Haha. Also that’s not far from Finland so it would be easy to live there I guess. Plus, there are really cheap flights form Helsinki to Copenhagen!

But I also realized this week that I am really missing my dear home city Turku, even I never thought I would miss it after this short period. I have so many great memories from the year before I came to Sweden. By that time I knew I would not stay there during this autumn, and I just thought it as a time that I have to spend in Finland, before I can go abroad again. When looking back now, I just realize how I miss so many great things happened during that year. Basically all happened because of the student life,  which makes me sad about the fact that I will graduate soon.

But as my colleague said, “Your life just strats now” – I don’t think I need to worry!

XOXO Johanna



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Thesis problems and the trip to Hamburg

Pretty calm times at the office. Though I am planning the Kick Off -session for outgoing students in November (I will present to over 100 people, help!), Exit seminar for leaving exchange students in December, and slowly preparing the arrival of new incoming students.

I am little bit stressed about my thesis. I know I should start it already, but I never get it started! Finding the topic is the first step of course but I am always escaping the idea… The thing is, I want to do it about something I find interesting, which would make the whole writing process so much easier. ANY SUGGESTIONS? Instead of thinking my thesis, or studying Swedish, I became so motivated to study Korean again recently! Since I haven’t paid attention to it for a while, I totally forgot how fun the language is. I am sorry to say this, but it is so much more fun than Swedish! Hahhah! Too bad that I don’t have any of my study books here with me. Since one of my best friends is there currently, I also realized how much I miss my Korean life and everything in Seoul. I definitely have to go back there as soon as possible. Maybe this makes me motivated to do my thesis since after graduation I could visit there as a graduation present… Hmm! Aaaand after I am ready with my thesis I can apply for master’s degree here. There is no Master’s program for me in Malmö, so I would probably apply either Lund, Göteborg, Uppsala or Stockholm. I don’t really care where in Sweden to study, I think it would be cool anyways. And then I could go for exchange studies again!

Also I have found my inner house wife, since I feel like baking something all the time. I have made brookies (=brownie cookies) now twice and they are so delicious. Butter, chocolate, sugar and eggs together tastes amazing!

Last weekend I made a weekend trip to Hamburg, Germany. I didn’t have any expectations and it really surprised me positively, I could totally live there! It seemed to be entertaining city especially for the young crowd. I was little bit sick but I still enjoyed the trip a lot. We stayed in a hostel which was located in cool, hippy area full of restaurants, bars and shops. Moving around in the city was really easy with the subway system. For some reason I just love subways, that’s why I would like to live in a city with the subway system. Also one of the reasons I miss Seoul!


IMG_20141025_210249 IMG_20141026_184321

I was really impressed of the Amazing street art there! It deifintely makes the streets to have some character. I just loved Walking on the streets and finding new cool pieces of art.

IMG_20141027_173811 IMG_20141027_173444
How cool is that?

IMG_20141025_131604 IMG_20141027_124608

We got a recommendation for this amazing Place called Cafe May, which had the best brunch ever for 7,50 euros! I also managed to find an amazing korean restaurant. Both places 10/10!


xoxo Johanna


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October updates and greetings from Oslo

Today I have been here in Malmö exactly two months! Time runs so fast, it’s so crazy! Also the weather is starting to get colder and colder which means I should finally go and get a winter jacket… I was sick for like two weeks, first I had tonsillitis and then I catched a cold after that… I had to skip dance class three times, so probably now I have fallen so much behind. Back to the class today!

So I spent my last weekend in Oslo! It was like the other capitals in Northern Europe, really pretty but expensive. It is pretty peaceful with not that much of excitement or action going on during the day. Three days in Oslo is enough to explore the city, it’s not that big which makes it perfect for a weekend trip. Oslo is definitely not a destination for budget traveller! Dining out is really expensive, as well as all the other shopping you do. I really didn’t buy anything to myself, like souvenirs or clothes, but I still feel like I spent so much money during the three days. However, we enjoyed our time very much. You can buy the 24hr, 48hr, or 72hr Oslo pass that allows you free entry into museums and public transport. The public transport is easy and handy to use. There are some good museums in Oslo, though we went only to the Munch museum and National Museum. I recommend taking the tram up to Holmenkollen (or further) and enjoy the beutiful view over the city. We also took the 2-hour boat tour to the fjords since they are what make Norway famous and amazing.  What surprised me was that there were lot of beggars on the streets. Also during the night you can see lots of drug dealers and hookers when you walk back to the central station. However the normal folk in Oslo were friendly and helpful, haha.

IMG_20141004_203603 IMG_20141005_123728


Next week I am probably going to spend my weekend in Göteborg. Should explore more Sweden too, right?

Yesterday we had a little fika-event on the Student Centrum lobby. Students could come there to have free coffee break, ask questions and attend to small activities. We didn’t expect so many people to come, we even ran out of cupcakes! Again I was impressed that everything was so detailed and organized! I don’t think nobody would care to arrange such an nice event in Finland… Haha!

So cute cupcakes!

xxx Johanna

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Where would you like to go?

Yesterday we had the Study Abroad fair for the people who want to go for exchange. It was great to see so many people coming there to represent their country/university! I think it was an awesome opportunity to talk to people about their experiences. I just wish more people came to visit the fair because we had so many people helping us! I think that more people are interested in to go abroad, but since the fair was from 11 to 14 pm, students had to go to classes or do school work. In my home university we have the information posters from the partner universities in the lobby during the application period. I think that’s also an effective way to inform people because everybody hang out or pass the lobby every day, but then you can’t actually meet the people and interact with them.

Our Finland corner!
Too bad that not that many people were interested in Finland… Haha. Well I totally understand that if you have a chance go to pretty much everywhere in the world for an semester or two, it’s not your neighbour country.

People here keep asking me how come I wanted to come to Sweden. Well, I did my exchange studies in Shout Korea, but I thought I could really work in Sweden in the future. Actually when I was a freshman I was planning to do my internship in Sweden because I wanted to learn the language. However, last spring I almost got an place from Embassy of Finland in Seoul, but the problem was that I could not get the scolarship. In order to get a scolarship for going abroad twice the other one has to be in Europe. And in order to do an internship in embassy, they require you have to have a scolarship because it’s unpaid position. So I kind of gave up with that and decided that I should probably go somewhere in Europe. Even I miss Korea so much I thought I should try another country. I started to apply to places in Europe, like UK and Spain, and I also saw there was an Erasmus+ position at Malmö University. Instantly I thought that this could be a perfect internship for me! I So I really put an effort for the application and I got an interview.

And now here I am! I think Sweden is a good place to do a internship regarding the future career. Swedish skills are really appreciated in Finland, especially in my home city Turku. Working culture and living in Sweden is pretty much like in Finland, I don’t really see a difference. Ofcourse my lifestyle is a bit different because I feel like I am an exchange student again, except that I work instead of taking classes. Also Swedish culture is more or less similar to Finnish one. We just don’t fika so much, haha. Though I think that Finns are more straight forward and tougher than Swedes. 😉

This week I booked my next trip! So 3-5.10 I am going to Oslo with my three friends – the most expensive city in the whole world! I am so excited since I have never been in Norway. I have to make another Norway trip for hiking though… I will definitely write again after my Oslo experiences.


xxx Johanna




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Greetings from rainy Malmö


I woke up with a sore throat and the weather is so gloomy today… Luckily my mom sent my super warm and super comfy one piece to me. Wearing it makes me happy even on a day like this. 🙂

I can’t believe have been here now over than month! Seriously one month has passed so fast, I hope the time will slow down a bit… I am not ready to go home in a long time! I still barely know any places here. I have to make sure not to make the same mistake I did when I was an exchange student. When you think you have still a lot time left you keep postponing going to all the places. I spent two semesters studying in Seoul but I did all the travelling inside Korea during my last month. I have to make sure to go to Lund, Helsinborg, Göteborg, Stockholm, further in Denmark, maybe even Norway… Hiking or skiing in Norway would be so amazing. I have been looking the pictures of Norway’s popular hiking places and it looks so breathtakingly beautiful! Currently I am thinking where to go on Christmas holiday, because I am not going to visit Finland. I will return back to home anyway in February, so I think I should travel when I have the opportunity. J Warm place would be really nice, but in that case I should go pretty far since no place in Europe is that warm in December. On the other hand I would like to go skiing… We’ll see!

Saturday was a perfect day for visiting Copenhagen. I actually managed to burn myself a little because it was so sunny for the whole day. We went to see Christiania, Botanic garden and the Little Mermaid. And of course I could not avoid some shopping… Oops. I didn’t remember that Copenhagen is actually so small city! You can pretty much walk anywhere but I think next time I am going to take my bike with me because it’s so much faster way to go around.

Tomorrow I am starting dancehall classes at Bowdown Dance academy and I am so excited!! I miss taking dance classes so much since I didn’t go during the whole summer! I took mainly reggaeton classes back home for two years but now I think I will concentrate mostly dancing dancehall.

I am not used to speaking Swedish yet! I can understand more or less when discussing about basic topics (if it’s not strong skånska…) but answering is the most difficult. My basic vocabulary really needs to be updated! The thing is that I DO KNOW the words but I just don’t remember them when the situation comes… I think I really need to have more Swedish friends, haha!


Beautiful Copenhagen!

xxx Johanna

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Heja Malmö!


I have been almost an month in Malmö now. What I have learned by this far is that Malmö’s weather is a) unpredictable b) windy c) really windy. Basically you should prepare an outfit for all the four seasons every day. On the first week bought a rain jacket but of course I forgot it home every time it rained. Luckily I got these amazing bright pink rain boots which have served me well during the past days. They will keep me so happy on rainy days!

Despite the really confusing weather, the city is becoming familiar to me. I have been biking a lot around the city since is the fastest and most convenient way. Every day at work has been really fun and entertaining during the introduction program. Also all the ESN activities and the Malmö festival kept me busy outside of the work. I think every student has been enjoying the festival more than a lot. Free concerts, couldn’t get any better! I saw so many great performances during the last week. For example one of my favorite Swedish artists, Kim Cesarion, even I didn’t know he was coming to the festival! But I still think the Swedish rapper Timbuktu had the best performance of all. I never had heard about him before but he got a new fan girl right now! Also the Crayfish party before was a total new experience for me. It was great to see people so excited making those funny hats. And the crayfish itself is sooo delicious! I have to try that later again. We also made a trip to the biggest Ikea in Sweden. Now my room looks a bit cozier and more colorful than before. Of course pink is the dominant color. 😉 Also I got to see little bit more of Skåne when we made the Österlen bus tour. The sea side was so beautiful!

Here’s some pictures during the last weeks:

20140808_172802   20140821_185849   20140821_175948   20140821_221222   20140828_175950   20140828_170803(0)

So now it’s about 300 international students and 180 exchange students all together here in Malmö University. That’s lot of new faces! And loooot of names to learn… So the whole busy Introduction Program ended last Friday. We organized Welcome Reception at the Orkanen and had some delicious food for everybody. Since yesterday started to work with the incoming Study Abroad Fair on 24th September. I hope it will be as fun as the Introduction Program!

Next weekend I am FINALLY going to Copenhagen! I have been there once about two years ago and I loved it. Can’t wait!


xxx Johanna

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November is coming to an end and I figured it would be a good time to think back a little bit what I have been up to this month. It actually feels like November has lasted so long but I think that is only because I LOVE Christmas and can’t wait for December to start!!

During November at work I have been helping out with very interesting things. I got to be involved with MFS application process. Through MFS (Minor Field Studies) students can apply for scholarship for doing their bachelor or master thesis research in developing country. Have to say that there will be very interesting theses coming from Malmö University’s different faculties during year 2014! I also got to help a little bit with Linnaeus-Palme applications and with INU (International Network of Universities) project.

During November I have also spent time organizing our Kick-off event for outgoing students. Together with our outgoing-team we hosted a four hour long pre-departure meeting last Wednesday (27th). It was nice to see students who are getting ready to have their exchange experience. I gave a little presentation of my experiences abroad and I talked also about culture shock students might experience during their time abroad.

It might sound weird but I think I had a culture shock even when I came to Sweden because it took time to build my support system and feel myself like home in a new place. It doesn’t mean that you need to be shocked by the culture; just the extra effort to get used to the new environment goes also under this umbrella term “culture shock”. But like always – now when placement is getting closer to end I am really feeling like home here in Malmö so it will be hard to go back to Finland and say goodbye for all the amazing people I have got to know during this semester. But there is luckily still time so I won’t get all sentimental yet 😉

Towards end of November I have also spent more and more time updating our website and Facebook site. This has been very nice add to my work tasks 🙂

November has brought also couple visitors from home to Malmö. It is always so nice when you get to show to your near and dear ones how you have been living the past 4 months. This weekend I have an amazing group of girls from back home coming over to evaluate the nightlife Malmö has to offer 😉

Yesterday my Facebook was filled with Thanksgiving-posts and as an ending to my November post I want to be thankful too. So here we go. I am thankful for:

  • My family – simply the best family anyone can have
  • My roomie back home aka. my boyfriend who lets me explore the world and even supports me while I am doing it
  • My friends – what can I say, without you I wouldn’t be who I am now (this goes for the old and the new ones)
  • Opportunities I have been given
  • My lovely co-workers who come in to my office for style advice, give me the best tips on restaurants and just overall keeps me smiling throughout the work day
  • My nieces and nephew – I miss you!!
  • The group of girls who came all the way to Malmö to see me
  • This chocolate bar I bought from the downstairs vending machine to help me to finish this post 😀

List could go on forever but I think this is quite a good summary. Remember to be thankful for the things you have and the opportunities you have been given!!

Puss och kram,


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