LinkedIn Booster tip 4

Show off your experience and qualifications

In previous tips I’ve talked about your professional photo, your headline and summary. But LinkedIn gives even more opportunities to show your experience and qualifications. Add your Education, starting with your university and after that, add other relevant education.

Who_you_areUnder the Experience section you add your work history. As a student or graduate you may not have that much work experience so list the jobs you’ve had, even if it was part time. Volunteer work is another important section especially if you don’t have so much work experience. Highlighting you volunteer experience in a skills-oriented way is a great. Volunteering shows employers that you are willing to try new experiences, that you are involved in your community and it generally demonstrates a willingness to take initiatives.

There is also a section called Honors & Awards. Even if you earned a price inside or outside school, don’t be shy, let the world know about it.

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LinkedIn Booster tip 3

LinkedIn Booster Tip no. 3 – Your LinkedIn summary statement.

First impressions count and your LinkedIn Summary is the first opportunity a potential employer has to find out who you are beyond a photo and a job title. So, make the most those precious moments. Never leave the Summary section blank!! This is the first thing that people will read about you and so it worth spending some time getting right.

You have up to 2,000 characters to describe your background, and you want to get these keywords in here as much as possible. To start with, write 4 or 5 lines that is a summary of your skills, work, studies and your aspirations for the future. Share your accomplishments, everyone likes a good story. If you can grab some attention with something about yourself that we wouldn’t know from your resume bullets, you’re heading in the right direction.
directionGood luck with writing a compelling summary!

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LinkedIn Profile Booster – Tip 1

There is no doubt in my mind that LinkedIn is a useful social network and essential tool for networking, company research and for finding a job.

This is the first in a series of 10 postings, each with a short tip on how to optimize your profile and how to use LinkedIn for building your network.

How to be Ready for the opportunityBut first a short introduction and some facts about LinkedIn.

  • Number of members: Approx. 280 million
  • Number of active company profiles: 3.5 million
  • Number of job advertised on LinkedIn: 300.000
  • Number of schools (universities): 24.000
  • 98% of recruiters and 85% of hiring managers use LinkedIn to find candidates (Viveka von Rosen, author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day)

I hear friends and acquaintances say: “I’m on LinkedIn but I have no idea what to use it for.” Or: My colleagues know me already, no need to connect with them on LinkedIn.”

But consider this: LinkedIn is the only social networking site that showed higher usage among the age group 50-64 year old, than those of ages 18-29. This age group have more Membersprofessional experience, AND are the ones more likely to be in a position to hire, are on the site!

So a LinkedIn profile, done right, can be that online resume that will help ensure that the good work you do or aspire to do is publicly recognized and that there is a way for others to reach you with relevant opportunities.

If you’re still feel a bit skeptical, consider that most potential employers may find it strange if you’re not on there. Often, if you apply for a job, the person reading your CV will look at your LinkedIn profile.

So why should you be active on LinkedIn?
Professionals at all levels—entry-level, middle management and executives—use it for networking, keeping in touch with current and former colleagues, and engaging with their broader industry.Those more established in their careers also use it to promote their businesses.

Tip no 1. – Add a professional photo
Your photo is the first impression and it’s vital to have a proper professional photo. Remember, LinkedIn is not Facebook, so don’t add a holiday snap with your family or friends, or one taken while you are sitting in front of a computer with your head at an odd angle. The photo doesn’t have to be taken by a professional photographer, but you need to look professional in it, even if you are standing in your garden. I recommend a head shot photography, looking smiling and welcoming.

Look out for tip no. 2 tomorrow – and find out why your headline is so important.

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Workshop 10/9 Länka LinkedIn till ditt jobbsökande och din karriär!

I eftermiddag arrangerade Karriär & Jobb höstens första karriärworkshop på temat LinkedIn. Vi fick även fint besök av personal ifrån Drivhuset (hjälper studenter att utveckla affärsidér och erbjuder utbildning för egna företagare) och vår nya kollega Viktoria Brännström. De ville också lära sig mer om LinkedIn.

Workshopen innehöll diskussioner om:

  • Hur fyller jag i profilen?
  • Foto eller inget foto? (Måste absolut ha ett foto på LinkedIn!)
  • Rubrik som står ut! Den kan du ändra ofta och skräddarsy mot jobbet du vill ha 🙂
  • Nyckelord – tänk på hur du själv gör en sökning via google. Algoritmerna bakom LinkedIn gör att du får en träfflista vid sökning. Samma sak händer för en rekryterare eller chef på jakt efter nya medarbetare…
  • Lägg till intressant information om dig själv och visualisera med bilder/länkar
  • Skapa en personlig linkedin-länk
  • Hur använder jag LinkedIn för att nätverka professionellt?
  • Grupper – vad är de bra för på LinkedIn?
  • Att följa företag via LinkedIn – varför?
  • Rekommendationer kontra Endorsements…
  • Alumni
  • Hur gör en rekryterare med LinkedIn?

Nästa workshop med LinkedIn som tema är den 8/10. Anmäl dig via Future Finder. 

Varmt välkommen!

Peter/Karriär & Jobb

Fall Semester’s First English CV Workshop!

We held our first English CV Workshop for the fall semester yesterday afternoon. 15 motivated and driven students and alumni from various programmes attended the workshop, which made for a very interactive hour and a half!

A few interesting things that came up during our discussion are as follows:

  • Nuances of a Swedish CV — Photo or no photo, personal information or none? Unlike some other countries, it’s quite accepted to use a photo on a Swedish CV, as it is to include personal information. You must decide whether or not it’s something relevant and useful for you to include, it’s subjective!
  • Why should you include your LinkedIn link on your CV, doesn’t it include the same information as a CV? Aren’t you duplicating efforts? Your LinkedIn profile does include duplicate information to your CV, however, it gives the reader additional information that is not provided on your CV such as: recommendations/’references’, endorsements, groups you’ve joined, the breadth of your network, etc.
  • Shall I include my references on my CV? References have no business being found on a CV. Recruiters expect that job seekers are prepared to provide references when asked, and references should be provided on a separate document. You are only wasting precious space on your CV by including reference information on it, and you are only stating the obvious!

We are holding a cover letter workshop this afternoon, which makes for a good follow-up workshop to attend to this one. Additionally, we have CV video workshops coming up around the corner as well. If you would like to be ahead of the game when it comes to marketing yourself in today’s job market, then we highly suggest that you join us for our exciting upcoming workshops.

We, Annie and Peter at Careers Service, welcome your attendance!

Annie, Careers Service



Besök från Umeå universitet

Maria Söderholm

Idag fick vi fint besökt ifrån Umeå universitet; Maria Söderholm (bilden) och Victoria Bernhardtsson (Studievägledare). De jobbar med ”Korta vägen” vilket också finns på Malmö högskola. Vårt möte idag handlade om man kan använda LinkedIn som verktyg i coaching med studenter. Vi diskuterade hur LinkedIn kompletterar CV och på vilket sätt man kan använda det i nätverkandet med andra intressant personer.

Några tips på vad du bör tänka på kring LinkedIn:

  • Ge för att få när det gäller endorsements
  • Rekommendationer väger tyngre än endorsements
  • Ha ett foto som visar hur du ser ut på jobbet. (Såg senast idag ett foto på en hund…)
  • Skicka alltid en personlig inbjudan – använd inte standardfrasen som LinkedIn programmerat
  • Ta första steget dvs. kontakta de som tittat på din profil. Det kan leda till nya möjligheter…

Om du vill veta mer om hur du bästa använder sociala medier i ditt jobbsök – missa då inte vår karriärworkshop ”E-networking – find a job via Social Media” den 28 november. Du anmäler dig via Future Finder.

Varmt välkommen!
Peter, Studier & karriär