LinkedIn Profile Booster – Tip 1

There is no doubt in my mind that LinkedIn is a useful social network and essential tool for networking, company research and for finding a job.

This is the first in a series of 10 postings, each with a short tip on how to optimize your profile and how to use LinkedIn for building your network.

How to be Ready for the opportunityBut first a short introduction and some facts about LinkedIn.

  • Number of members: Approx. 280 million
  • Number of active company profiles: 3.5 million
  • Number of job advertised on LinkedIn: 300.000
  • Number of schools (universities): 24.000
  • 98% of recruiters and 85% of hiring managers use LinkedIn to find candidates (Viveka von Rosen, author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day)

I hear friends and acquaintances say: “I’m on LinkedIn but I have no idea what to use it for.” Or: My colleagues know me already, no need to connect with them on LinkedIn.”

But consider this: LinkedIn is the only social networking site that showed higher usage among the age group 50-64 year old, than those of ages 18-29. This age group have more Membersprofessional experience, AND are the ones more likely to be in a position to hire, are on the site!

So a LinkedIn profile, done right, can be that online resume that will help ensure that the good work you do or aspire to do is publicly recognized and that there is a way for others to reach you with relevant opportunities.

If you’re still feel a bit skeptical, consider that most potential employers may find it strange if you’re not on there. Often, if you apply for a job, the person reading your CV will look at your LinkedIn profile.

So why should you be active on LinkedIn?
Professionals at all levels—entry-level, middle management and executives—use it for networking, keeping in touch with current and former colleagues, and engaging with their broader industry.Those more established in their careers also use it to promote their businesses.

Tip no 1. – Add a professional photo
Your photo is the first impression and it’s vital to have a proper professional photo. Remember, LinkedIn is not Facebook, so don’t add a holiday snap with your family or friends, or one taken while you are sitting in front of a computer with your head at an odd angle. The photo doesn’t have to be taken by a professional photographer, but you need to look professional in it, even if you are standing in your garden. I recommend a head shot photography, looking smiling and welcoming.

Look out for tip no. 2 tomorrow – and find out why your headline is so important.

If you want to find out more about each tip, join our LinkedIn workshops in English or Swedish. Click on the link to see a list of all our career workshops

Be proactive, attend one of our CV Workshops!

The new semester has begun, you’re back in school, and that last thing on your mind at the moment is probably your job search.  With the start of a new semester, your focus is most likely on your new class schedule, ensuring you have purchased the proper books, getting re-acquainted with your professors and fellow classmates, and getting comfortable learning your new syllabus.  It’s always an adjustment coming back to school to begin a new semester, especially when it means putting a close to summer!

I’d like to plant a seed with you, however, by telling you that it’s not too early to begin thinking about your job search, especially your CV.  Although you may not be ready to start sending your CV out to employers tomorrow, because you are literally months away from beginning your actual job search, I highly encourage that you begin the CV writing and revision process today so that once you are ready to pull the trigger, you have a solid CV in place that you can without hesitation send out.

Peter Martinsson and I, Annie Schreiter, are responsible for holding CV Workshops every Wednesday each semester (13:30-14:45).  Peter’s workshops are held in Swedish and mine in English.  The workshops are designed to give you the basic information and tools you need in order to create a CV that helps market you as best as possible to your future employer.  We are here to support you during this first stage of the job search process, and answer any questions you may have regarding how to put together a winning CV!

In order to attend one of our workshops, you must:

  1. Register yourself on our job portal, Future Finder (this only takes a few minutes), by clicling on ‘get started’
  2. Sign up for a CV Workshop by clicking on the ‘Events’ tab (we also offer Career Workshops which you are more than welcome to attend) and then ‘join event’
  3. Be prepared to bring your questions and enthusiastic self to our workshop in order to make it an interactive, fun and productive time spent!

Once you’ve attended a CV Workshop, you may schedule an individual job coaching session with us so that we can further assist you in polishing your CV.

Your participation is always welcome!

Annie Schreiter, Careers Service

Thank you!

What better way is there to say ‘thank you’ and get feedback on the work you’re doing than to invite your clients over for ’fika’ and discuss things with them in person?  This world has turned into a digital world, where communication is done via email, Facebook, Twitter, and …. Blogging.   Somehow that personal touch has in large part been taken out of the equation. Thank you FIKA

Two weeks ago, during one of our brainstorming meetings, Peter and I realized that we’d spent so much time and energy around emailing, facebooking, and tweeting in order to accomplish things in our little two person sub-department, that we forgot what our real focus was.  Our clients are our students, and everything we do revolves around ensuring that we empower, enrich, motivate, and instill confidence in our students as it relates to their job search.  Without them, we wouldn’t be putting career workshops together. Without them, we wouldn’t have any job coaching appointments.  Without them, we wouldn’t be sitting here today, trying to plan even better events for them for next semester!

With the above being mentioned, we realized that we needed to put the personal touch back into the equation.  In order to better service our students next semester, we needed feedback from them, and what better way to do this than to invite them to come to our offices to chat with us over a cup of coffee and some baked goods?

We hosted this thank you ‘fika’ in our building yesterday afternoon.  We were a small and intimate group, and the students who came were quite involved in sharing their thoughts and ideas.  We had a lovely ‘fika’ with them – they gave us valuable feedback, they shared their stories with us regarding what they gained from our services, and we in turn got some fabulous ideas for future career initiatives.  The setting was very casual and relaxed, all guards were down, which lead to such a rewarding open discussion with our students, our clients!

/Annie, Studier & karriär

Lansering av Future Finder

Karriärportalen Future Finder lanseras

Malmö högskola samarbetar med Graduate Land (Danmark) sedan årsskiftet kring karriärportalen Future Finder. GD är proffs på den tekniska plattformen (flerfaldigt prisbelönta). För vår del på Studier & karriär innebär detta en stor möjlighet att nå ut till studenterna med information om vår service.

Future Finder – jobbportalen lanserades den 23 januari då företag var inbjudna för att ta del av möjligheterna.