How to Ace the Interview

interviewAlison Dunmar, seasoned HR/recruitment professional with 14 years of experience working at IKEA, joined us today as a guest speaker for our last career workshop this semester, ‘How to Ace the Interview’.  She mentioned that ”tests are becoming hugely popular …. behavioral tests try to predict your natural behavior … do them with speed, and be honest.  They are a supplement to the interview process”.  It’s extremely important to be straight forward and honest during the entire interview process.

Before the interview begins, however, it’s crucial that you prepare, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’.  Look into the culture, the values, the turn over, the profit, are they global, are they local, how are they structured; find out what’s interesting for you about the company — all of this information is available online these days as well as via your network of course. ”The company wants to know why you’re interested in joining them, so do your homework!”  Come prepared with questions regarding additional things you’d like to know about the company and the job.  You can control your online presence, so be aware that companies are doing their research on you, the candidate.  On the flip side, don’t forget that you can also Google the interviewer, this is another way one can prepare for an interview.  ”Attitude determines altitude.”

You have to sell yourself during the interview, so know yourself, and use that as a selling point.  The more you’re able to talk about yourself, the better you will do in the interview.  Practice, write things down — ”there’s just one of you, what makes you unique?”

What happens on the day of the interview?  It is expected that you will perform and be the best you.  ”It’s all about attitude”.  It’s your job to ensure that you give the information the company needs to know about you that makes you unique.  Smile, make them laugh, help them remember you!

How to Ace the Interview

”No matter what anyone says, everyone judges the book by its cover … we’re very quick to judge”.  How are you presenting yourself?

Some additional things to think of:


  1. Turn your phone off
  2. Personal hygiene (no perfume, no gum)
  3. Bring pen and paper
  4. Have items you want to share with you
  5. Be early, 10 minutes

Your interview begins the very moment you step into the office of the company you’re interviewing with, ”so be nice to everyone”.  Also, don’t forget about your non-verbal communication; hand shake, stand tall, smile, eye contact, don’t fidget, etc.  Its the little things that make the difference.  Let your enthusiasm, your passion, your potential, your energy, and your can do attitude shine during the interview.

”Be the BEST you!”

/Annie, Careers Service