LinkedIn Booster tip 4

Show off your experience and qualifications

In previous tips I’ve talked about your professional photo, your headline and summary. But LinkedIn gives even more opportunities to show your experience and qualifications. Add your Education, starting with your university and after that, add other relevant education.

Who_you_areUnder the Experience section you add your work history. As a student or graduate you may not have that much work experience so list the jobs you’ve had, even if it was part time. Volunteer work is another important section especially if you don’t have so much work experience. Highlighting you volunteer experience in a skills-oriented way is a great. Volunteering shows employers that you are willing to try new experiences, that you are involved in your community and it generally demonstrates a willingness to take initiatives.

There is also a section called Honors & Awards. Even if you earned a price inside or outside school, don’t be shy, let the world know about it.

If you want to find out more about each tip, join our LinkedIn workshops in English or Swedish. Click on the link to see a list of all our career workshops

Thank You!

With the 2013 fall semester soon coming to an end, we decided to seize the opportunity to thank those who contributed to our career workshops and activities this past semester!

We held a total of 12 career workshops over the course of the past 3 months, where we invited and had 23 guest speakers on board to hold these workshops for our students.  Our guest speakers came  from employers such as Dreamwork Scandinavia, Academic Search, EON, roi:recruit, TNG Group, YouCruit and Joblink, etc.,  and they brought with them a wealth of knowledge and information which they in turn shared with our students in order to better help equip them for their current and upcoming job searches.  Additionally, we internally held 11 CV workshops during this time-frame.  The students who attended our workshops ranged from bachelors to masters students coming for various programmes across the university, such as English Studies, International Relations, Computer Science, Leadership for Sustainability, Interaction Design, Public Health, etc.

On Tuesday of this week, we invited all of our guest speakers to join us for a thank you ‘fika’, and the day after, we had a similar event for the students who had actively participated in our workshops this past semester.  Our guest speakers and students were given the opportunity to mingle with one another, and we in turn received useful insight and feedback on the services we provide.  This will only help us better service our students in the future!

Karriärvägledare/Career Advisor

Annie Schreiter & Peter Martinsson our students in the future!

We can now wrap up and end this semester knowing that we have all expanded our network of contacts, we’ve become more knowledgeable about the job search process, and we can look forward to the year to come.

Happy holidays to all, we look forward to a successful and promising 2014!

Annie & Peter, Careers Service

Thank you!

What better way is there to say ‘thank you’ and get feedback on the work you’re doing than to invite your clients over for ’fika’ and discuss things with them in person?  This world has turned into a digital world, where communication is done via email, Facebook, Twitter, and …. Blogging.   Somehow that personal touch has in large part been taken out of the equation. Thank you FIKA

Two weeks ago, during one of our brainstorming meetings, Peter and I realized that we’d spent so much time and energy around emailing, facebooking, and tweeting in order to accomplish things in our little two person sub-department, that we forgot what our real focus was.  Our clients are our students, and everything we do revolves around ensuring that we empower, enrich, motivate, and instill confidence in our students as it relates to their job search.  Without them, we wouldn’t be putting career workshops together. Without them, we wouldn’t have any job coaching appointments.  Without them, we wouldn’t be sitting here today, trying to plan even better events for them for next semester!

With the above being mentioned, we realized that we needed to put the personal touch back into the equation.  In order to better service our students next semester, we needed feedback from them, and what better way to do this than to invite them to come to our offices to chat with us over a cup of coffee and some baked goods?

We hosted this thank you ‘fika’ in our building yesterday afternoon.  We were a small and intimate group, and the students who came were quite involved in sharing their thoughts and ideas.  We had a lovely ‘fika’ with them – they gave us valuable feedback, they shared their stories with us regarding what they gained from our services, and we in turn got some fabulous ideas for future career initiatives.  The setting was very casual and relaxed, all guards were down, which lead to such a rewarding open discussion with our students, our clients!

/Annie, Studier & karriär


Att Studier & karriär finns på twitter är kanske en nyhet för dig men så är det 🙂 @mahcareer är adressen och du är varmt välkommen att twittra med oss där. Här är några andra intressanta twittrare som du bör hålla koll på:

Twittrare Dorota Gorna

Dorota Gorna

  • @lindenforest – Dave Lindskoog, karriärvägledare Vancouver
  • @dorott1 – Dorota Gorna, studie- och karriärvägledare vid Malmö högskola
  • @geochtamix – Martin Bengtsson, student på Visuell Kommunikation, Malmö högskola

/Peter, Studier & karriär

Lansering av Future Finder

Karriärportalen Future Finder lanseras

Malmö högskola samarbetar med Graduate Land (Danmark) sedan årsskiftet kring karriärportalen Future Finder. GD är proffs på den tekniska plattformen (flerfaldigt prisbelönta). För vår del på Studier & karriär innebär detta en stor möjlighet att nå ut till studenterna med information om vår service.

Future Finder – jobbportalen lanserades den 23 januari då företag var inbjudna för att ta del av möjligheterna.