Internship search tips

Update your CV and practice your interviewing skillsbinocular2

Strong interviewing skills and a well written CV are two things necessary for convincing employers that you have both the skills, and experience to be successful in the job. Make sure that you tailor your cover letter to the job and employer you send it to. Practice your Interviewing skills with a friend or participate in one of the workshops provided by the Career Service at Malmö University.

Use a multifaceted strategy

There are many different ways of finding a job: Job sites, LinkedIn, career fairs, recruitment agencies, conferences, networking. Gather information by conducting information interviews with alumni. Be active and use your time well!

Be Proactive

Many job opportunities never get posted. Instead, they’re typically part of the hidden job market. It now counts for up to 80% of hires, according to some estimates. Consider contacting employers directly and networking also helps. Most jobs getting filled these days aren’t even advertised.

Schedule your internship search

Searching for an internship or a job takes time. Scheduling some time every week could be a good idea or teaming up with someone to get inspiration and to hold you both accountable. The more time you dedicate to your search, the better chance you have to reach your goal.

Meet with a Career Adviser

Make an appointment with a career adviser at Malmö University. We can help you with reviewing your CV and cover letter, help you practice your interviewing skills and suggest new ways to approach to your internship search.