LinkedIn Booster Tip 2

Hello again!

Here comes our Tip number 2. Today I will talk about your headline, a very important part and you soon find out why.
Most people are not optimizing this as much as they should and there are a number of subtle tricks you can do here. The headline is completely configurable and it’s your 120 characters to hook people finding you in a LinkedIn search. It should be about what you do as opposed to what you are.

When recruiters and hiring managers are looking for candidates they use different key words. Have a think of for what the key words are that you want to be found for.

Relate your headline to your past experience if this is relevant to the roles you are targeting for example financial services.

Which of the two headlines below do think is most relevant?
Headline 1

Headline 2
Tomorrow I will give you a tip about your LinkedIn Summary!




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