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On Thursday April 24th the Careers Centre organized a mock interview day for international student at Malmö University. The event was organized to help students prepare better for an increasingly competitive job market and we invited several external recruiters. This was a great opportunity for the students to experience the challenges of a real job interview, conducted by representatives from local employers.

The students had to prepare a number of possible interview questions and then deliver a presentation selling themselves and their skills to the recruiter. The recruiters also asked the students several follow up questions, analyzed the students’ performance and gave them direct feedback after the interview.

Click on the video below to see what one of the students thought about her mock interview.MockInterviewFeedbackYTThis experience gave the students a chance to develop some of the important key skills necessary for finding a job, for example how to prepare for the interview, body posture during the interview, how to dress and how to communicate in a professional way.

The event was a great success. All the students taking part in the practice interview felt this was really valuable and that they learned a lot just by doing this one interview. Also the recruiters really enjoyed it and found it worthwhile. They also commented on how valuable it is that the Career Centre organize activities to help students develop their employability skills. On May 20th this same activity will be repeated but for the Swedish speaking students at Malmö University. More information on Future Finder.

Published by Anna Persson Career Advisor @Malmö University

Published by Anna Persson Career Adviser @Malmö University

I would like to say well done to all of you students who participated in the Mock Interviews! Careers Service also would like to say a huge thank you to all the recruiters for giving up their time in order to support our students here at Malmö University!


Give your Job Search a Flying Start

Jet planeWhat are the most important things you could do in order to give your job search a flying start? Make a plan!

1. Having a plan helps to provide direction and focus. One of the reasons why people fail to achieve their goal is that they don’t have one. The same things goes for your job search, it requires a plan!

Write down what it is you want out of this job experience. You should also have a good understanding of WHERE you want to work. Write down your skills and the qualities you have, that make you unique.
Don’t keep everything in your head, you will probably go over and review so make sure you write everything down.

2. Your professional profile
Now when you have a plan, make sure you have a professional profile. If you are smart, you have already created a LinkedIn profile and started networking. The recruiters are on LinkedIn and they are always on the lookout for talent. Make sure you have an optimized profile where all your skills are included (same skills that you have in your plan).

3. Learn about the companies and organizations
Start making a list of the companies & organizations you would like to work in. Add some of their competitors to that list as well. Now start learning about them by following them on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Read their Career pages and Job postings. By reading about them you will begin to understand their language. When you apply for a job opening there you know how they speak and can mirror that in your resume and your cover letter.

4. Start documenting your “stories”
Think about personal stories, examples that you can tell in the interview and that reveal the skills and qualifications you have. Write that down too.  For example if you say you are a team player, think of a time when you were part of the team and what your contribution was.
Also think about personal stories that show how you learned lessons from failures and mistakes, handled change or made choices under pressure.

handstand5. Practice
Now, think like a recruiter and come up with a number of interview questions that you are likely to be asked during a job interview. Have a friend ask you the questions. Reflect on your answers, refine if you are not happy with the answer and practice again.


Remember ”Practice make Perfect” and ”Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”!


Preparation is key when job interviewing

After you have spent all that time working on perfecting your CV and looking for the perfect InterviewSavvyGirlsfistjob, don’t forget the most important step in your job searching process: The interview preparation. If you want that job, you need to be Interview Savvy.
It’s true that you have been called to the interview because you have the necessary skills and the right experience. But don’t make the mistake of showing up at the job interview thinking it’s enough only to be your wonderful self. It’s a much longer walk than that.

A good resume will get you the interview but it doesn’t give you the job! That’s why you need to both prepare for the interview and practice and perfect your interviewing skills.
If you’ve never practiced an interview you are missing out on a great opportunity to understand how really you perform. How do you come across, sound, act and behave when you are face to face with a person who has the power of making a decision of hiring or not hiring?

Why are practice interviews important?
They help you practice answering difficult interview questions like “Why should we hire you?” or “What’s your greatest weakness?” It’s also a great opportunity to practice questions that you would like to ask the interviewer.

How to get the most out of a practice interview
Practice with an experienced recruiter or HR professional. In addition to the feedback given to you after the practice interview, also ask for their advice and view on different interview formats, such as phone interviews behavioral interviews, case interviews, or panel interviews.

How do practice interviews work?
It could vary depending on the person interviewing you. The interviewer will listen and provide feedback on how you answer the different types of interview questions, behavioral as well as traditional, with a good result. You should also prepare before the interview by taking time to review, and come up with answers to some of the most common interview questions. Very often the interviewer will also coach you on how to make a good first impression and a good closing statement at the end of the interview to leave a positive lasting impression.

A good advice is also to come to the practice interview dressed as if it was a real interview.

Careers Service at Malmö University offers you both the Interview prep and the practice interview so make sure you take advantage of these opportunities! Join our Interview Savvy workshop and do a Practice Interview with a recruiter or hiring manager.

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