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Regaining composure

Hey fellow travellers, Do you ever have to stop what you’re doing and contemplate the absurdity of what it is you are doing? If you’re taking a thermal bath in Sweden with a local, climbing the tower of Pisa or … Continue reading

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The Most Traumatic Moment of my Life

31 October, 2011 My word. It’s been a while since i’ve updated this. Anyway, this was quite a traumatic event for me. I honestly had no idea what to do. I guess it’s how a fish feels when it’s out … Continue reading

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Encountering a new academic system.

I thought I would write this blog for those who are considering studying in Sweden or Australia and are wondering what to expect in terms of studying.  Hope this helps Studying in Sweden varies quite a lot from Australian Universities. … Continue reading

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10 B’s. Or, Not 2 B’s.

Looking back over my last few posts, I think that it’s time to have something a little more light and practical! To give you a taste of my practical life experiences here in Malmö, I want to talk about some … Continue reading

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There’s no place like home… Or is there?

Note: Once again this was written about 2 weeks ago but I want you to be up to date and get all the history … in other words the full story!   So here’s my first blog entry from the … Continue reading

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