Project Result

Australian Ethnic Relations and Migration Issues. A Ridley, student of Flinders University, presented his work at two seminars. Once at the RIKC, the Roman Culture Centre, and once to fellow students at Malmö University, Oct 2011. (Link to pdf version 111026 A Ridley AU migration issues  )

Blog as a tool. Some reflections after the first six months was presented by K Bergknut at the Project Directors Conference in Brussels, Feb 2012. (Link to pdf version 120311 Border Crossings Blog as a tool )

A joint inter disciplinary research paper titled “Border Crossing Networks: Virtual Reality, Lundberg, James Cook University, Stasiewicz-Bieńkowska, Jagiellonian University, and Enhörning Singhateh, Malmö University, on issues related to the use of a blog, has been presented at the International Conference Innovative Research in a Changing and Challenging World Conference in Phuket, Thailand, May 2012. The paper is published on

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