Courses offered at Utrecht

At Utrecht University, a semester is divided in two blocks of 10 weeks each. A student follows two courses (7.5 ECTS each) per block. The fist block of the fall semsters starts in the first week of September and goes through begin of November. The second block starts in week 2 or 3 of November en runs through the end of January. There is a Christmas break of 10 days to two weeks.

Students of the Crossing Borders exchange programme follow one obligatory coure course (to follow, plus a minimum of two courses out of the Electives. A forth course can be chosen from all courses taught in English at  the Faculty of Humanties.

Central thematic fields of teaching: European Nation states, Identity and Citizenship Conflict Studies.

Dutch Present-day Society  (level 2, block 1, course code 201000419)

(two of the three courses have to be chose form this list)

II.1.:  European Nation States, Identity  and Citizenship

  • Postcolonial Europe (level 3, block 1, course code 201000245)
  • European Film (level 3, block 1, course code 201000255)
  • Ideas of Europe (level 1, block 2, course code 201000200)
  • Dutch Golden Age: Money, Faith and Art in the Dutch Golden Age (level 3, block 2, course code 200900078)
  • Literature, Power, and Colonialism in the 19th Century (level 3, block 2, course code LI3V11002) – not yet confirmed

II.2. Conflict Studies

  • Introduction Conflict Analysis (level 1, block 1, course code 200700027)
  • Introduction Conflict Resolution (level 1, block 2, course code 200700026)
  • Post-War Transitions and Intervention (level 3, block 2, course code 200700025)
  • Criminal Minds: A Cultural History of Crime and Punishment (level 3, block 1 and 2, 15 ECTS, course code GE3V11010) – not yet confirmed

Check for more courses taught in English at the Faculty of Humanities the Website of the International Office.

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