University of Roma Tre

Now in its 18th year of academic activity, the Roma Tre “project” has gradually but constantly brought into focus its particular profile; that of a dynamic and efficient seat of learning that, step by step, has become an acknowledged point of reference both in the Italian and the international university system.

Its 40,000 students are the fruit of a winning strategy founded on offering a wide-range of courses and on innovation that focuses on the quality of the teaching and the introduction of the young into the working world.

One of the milestones for Roma Tre, as well as a guideline for its development, was its incorporation in the surrounding area, characterised by the reclamation of old buildings and school premises, transformed into modern facilities for study and research.

In a short time modern and efficient study centres were created, important scientific laboratories were improved, while investment in PhDs and researchers has been steadily increased.

All the faculties have been equipped with a computer laboratory and most of the University is a wireless zone. Piazza Telematica, a computer centre with 200 multimedia work stations, designed to function as a University Internet point has been set up; linked to all the laboratories, it is an essential tool for facing the new challenges of research and distance learning.

In addition to these teaching facilities our students have at their disposal efficient libraries and sports facilities.

This year, as in the past, Roma Tre offers a wide choice of post-degree courses (masters, PhDs, and specialization courses), enhanced through the valid collaboration of both public and private enterprises.
The Internship and Job Placement Office is entirely dedicated to orientation, thus increasing the opportunities for last-year students and graduates to gain first hand experience through periods of on-the-job training in firms and institutions.

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