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My name is Ainslie Mulholland and I am from Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. I am studying a Bachelor of Journalism specialising in Film and Screen and History. I am an exchange student at Jagiellonian University in Krakow. This is my first time overseas and I am excited, scared, happy and homesick all at once. I hope I can convey this in these posts and provide some insight for people looking to study overseas as part of this program.

A Different Perspective

With less than a month until I return to Australia, it has dawned on me how much Krakow has become like home too me. I know and regularly frequent all my favourite places to eat, drink and party and I … Continue reading

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Do you think your better off alone?

It has been a lot longer between blogs than I had anticipated. During this time, life in Krakow has steadily increased in pace and intensity. As I have got to know more and more people, there has been a continual … Continue reading

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The Child With-In

November has finally arrived and every day I walk through the planty near my apartment and I am always amazed by the amount of multi-coloured leaves that have fallen from the trees. I am on many occasions tempted to run … Continue reading

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What happens in Majorca stays in Majorca

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The 10th of October 2011 was a typical day in my new home of Krakow. The weather was overcast and was not particularly cold until a gush of wind whooshes up behind you and sends a chill throughout your entire body. That … Continue reading

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Familiar Territory

During my one month in Krakow, I have met people from so many different nationalities and backgrounds. This has been one of the most amazing and daunting parts of the whole experience. Often meeting and getting to know these people … Continue reading

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A Love Affair…. of sorts

My name is Ainslie Mulholland and I am 22 years old. I am studying Journalism at Griffith University in Brisbane. This would have been my final semester but I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to study in Krakow … Continue reading

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